Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i have wondered, why i am the way i am.
macam, ish tasha, apahal rebellious gila ni?

and today, with the help of a teh tarik in hand, and my roommate next to me,
i think i cracked the mystery.

i despise the mentality of most of the people around me
(oh, not my friends of course. i dont hang out with close minded people. sorry, but that's a fact)
i dont like the fact that most Meleis (thank you Encik Effi Nazrel for teaching me this appropriate term) are so frigid.

They are scared to venture out of their comfort zone,
and instead of exploring the world out there, they criticize and condemn people who doesnt live and think the way they do.

Ive had the argument about New Economy Policy one too many times before. I get it that it is there to look after the Malay rights. But i still think it's unfair that a lot of individuals miss out on so many opportunities simply because they weren't born Malay.

I think by hanging on to the NEP, it's just making us more lazy. Well, nak study susah susah sangat kenapa? Dapat 5C pun boleh masuk UITM jugak. It never occurs to Meleis ke, that it's unfair for people of other races yg dapat 10A and has to struggle because there is a quota working against them?

What is race anyway? A difference in skin colour and kesepetan mata?

There are just too many factors that i could list down, tapi malas sebab nanti panjang sangat entry ni.

I remembered hanging out with my French friends. And the topic of homosexuality came up. One of them told me that ever since she came to Malaysia, it's the first time that the topic came up for discussion. She asked me why was the topic so taboo in Malaysia (it might not be so, but here in Tronoh, amongst the Meleis, it is kinda super taboo).

And i dont think that there's anything wrong about discussing things as such. I mean, it's not exactly the equivalent of having an orgy in a public place now, is it? What's so wrong about talking pasal things that are happening to the world, to the community?

But, instead of talking about things yang membuka minda like the ideology of the Nazis, or the fact that they mutilize women's genitals in Africa, or terrorism in general, im hearing talks of Fasha Sandha and her latest scandal, of some unknown yoohoo who dumped his gf and went out with this other girl.

In other words, gossip. Oh yes, Meleis love to gossip. Ntah apa yang best ntah have a lengthy discussion about other people's love life ntah.

And that is why i refuse to succumb to this massive conformation. That is why aku hentam keromo je buat semua benda.

Sekian, terima kasih.

*bows to crowd*


GGK said...

wth you create a serious post! and its 2.44 am... i dont know how to react to this.

Merissa K. said...

asyik buat pointless posts je, tukar angin pulak. hahaha.

alahai, jangan la sampai speechless you. LOL

Obefiend Weiland said...


hhahha i loled


gay people are nice. i love them fags

Merissa K. said...

uish effs. awal nya u bgn!
alamak jangan la mintak royalti! tak mampu nak bayar!

oh, i know. they make the best bitching partner! :D

wana said...

ya betul sekali. sekarang ini, pelajar universiti sudah tiada kualiti. 1A pun sudah layak masuk universiti. apabila sudah masuk, keluarkan anak pula. anak itu pula entah dibuang ke tong mana pula. melayu melayu.

malay sgt i kn?hahaha

Merissa K. said...

oh itu pelajar universiti yang mana ya? hahahahaha

Lya said...

*likes* :D

its times like this im super glad my dad married my mum, thus making me only half a melei. hehe

Merissa K. said...


ala lya, as long as u dont gossip and talk trash, and u dont expect everythg to come ur way and use tht as an excuse to bermalas malasan, then i can safely say that u are malay.


wana said...

hahaha generally speaking :P