Friday, March 12, 2010

Arsenal oh Arsenal!

Yesterday i bumped into Timmy at the local mamak and he asked me why i havent been updating much on Arsenal .

Honestly, i think it has a lot to do with our horrific loss over Manchester United and Chelsea.
Nak bangga menang dengan Liverpool pun tak boleh, i mean, siapa tak menang over Liverpool kan? *sly grin*

But yeah, i think i lost my momentum because it wasnt like it's enough that your own team disappoints you, your friends would have to join in and make you feel like stuffing a cigarette box of 20 for mocking The Gunners as well.

Nak dengar cerita?

During the match with MU, i was rushing to catch the game, tapi sebab game start pukul 12 and i only left KL around 1145 or so, terpaksa la dengar BFM punya live commentary (which totally sucked by the way, sebab tak dapat tgk apa jadi and terpaksa rely on the commentator, tapi commentator biased towards MU teramat la sangat nya. menyampah!).

I seriously drove laju gila tak agak agak (kalau dapat saman speedtrap lepas ni, sorry Papa, tak sengaja. heheh) just so i'd get to watch sikiiiiiit hujung hujung game tu pun jadi lah.

And i made it on time. Pecah record drive from KL to Perak tak sampai 2 jam. Dapat la tengok the last 15 minutes of the game.

Now, dah la i sampai dah memang nampak takde harapan nak menang. And when the game was over, my fear was proven. Kalah memalukan. Anyway, as if that was not enough, Mok (who, yes, knowing my luck had to be an MU supporter) who was sitting right next to me, boleh pulak hantar SMS membakar dan menggelakkan kekalahan.

Not one SMS. Not two. Not even three. He sent FOUR.

AND I WAS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO HIM! Mulut dia tengah bergerak lagi kutuk Arsenal, and at the same time message terus masuk dalam phone, also from Mok, also kutuk Arsenal.

Baik kan kawan kawan i? :)

And dont get me started on the Chelsea game. Dah dah malas nak cakap.
So, yeah, that's my excuse.

But i guess since we've won 5-0 over Porto, and since we're back on the running to win the title, I'm sort of getting my mood back.

I mean, our chance is just as good as Chelsea and MU i think. Out of the 9 games, we just have to make sure that we win one game extra dari MU. And for Chelsea to, i dont know, drop dead. Hahaha.

Tapi, i think it's not that bad lah. Out of the 9, yang paling menggerunkan pun would be Manchester City, other than that, boleh menang kot (ok, i hope i tak jinx it by saying it. hehe).

MU still has to face Chelsea (i dont know who i'd rather have lose. It's really a tough decision).

Look at it this way, after the Burnley fiasco, pundits and critics and even some fans were bashing Bendtner. And he rose from the ashes (cehceh macam phoenix pulak) and did well in the Porto game.

Mana la tau, after this people will start picking on Diaby ke, tiba tiba ambik kau, 15 goal terus. Heheh. Well, it's not wrong to dream kan? :P


GGK said...

yahuuu 1st!

being an Everton fan i have nothing to contribute since we are sucking waaaay worst than you... anyway.

since you mentioned 'stuffing a cigarette box of 20' which remind me of your 'girl smoking rants' .... last week i ask a doctor, is there any truth clinically about the impact of smoking on woman?

... she said:

".....smoking are harming levels of collagen and elastin that are responsible for maintaining supple and taut skin....." in layman terms 'IT' WILL SAG EARLIER... it will look saggy.


Merissa K. said...

wah wah u semangat mcm lah blog i blog hanis zalikha ke apa ada ramai orang nak comment. hahahaha.

well, at least being an everton fan is better than being a supporter of MU just because it's paling well known. overrated yaww.


wah rajin nya u pergi tanya doctor. hahaha. i tanya dr google je paling paling pun. LOL.

memang lah! tapi tapi tapi, ada special cases where the woman has a high breast cancer gene, do you know that smoking can actually stunt the development of breast cancer?

haaa. serious i tak tipu, try wiki tgk. :)

GGK said...

breast cancer or saggy boobs... tough choice.... hhhhahahahah

Igniz said...

i have to admit that arsenal is the favourite to win the title at the moment since they have gone through the most difficult road (the top 3 matches)...........but we got Rooney (he is now cursed to score in every game), Nani (is getting better) and Valencia (his crosses are awesome). so...........

peace. :D

Anonymous said...

oh! fellow Gunners rupenye.. may we endure!