Monday, March 22, 2010

reading is better than sex.

i dont know about you guys, but reading is my escape from reality.

seronok kot.
for a few short hours, you dont have to think about your breakup.
you dont have to be reminded of the fact that 'Oh shit! duit dah habis!'
you dont have to constantly think about engineering subjects yang buat you rasa mcm nak tampar muka sendiri sampai you hear ringing in your ears.

you dont have to think about the weight you couldnt lose
or the fact that kereta kau dah 3 minggu takde minyak
or having friends who backstab you
or (sila include your daily worries here, penat la semua i nak buat kan. hehe)

semua benda boleh tolak ke tepi.

for that few short hours,
you can be both princess and pauper.
you can travel back in time and talk to Einstein about theories and philosophy.
you can be a team of angel and devil on the way to plan Armageddon.
you can be contestant in an Indian reality show.
you can have wild romping sex on top of a roof.
you can live in magical lands where rabbits talk.

eh banyak lah you can do.

and you know what they say, theres no image better than the ones that you let your imagination paint for you.
that is why, movies based on books sentiasa sentiasa kena kutuk dengan readers.
because what they present is rarely better than the depiction that we already have in our minds.

disebab kan kecintaan terhadap buku yang teramat sangat,
i think im gonna start a book blog.
buat review buku buku yang dah baca.
(ha tasha, engkau bab bab mcm ni memang rajin kan? assignment Steel dah buat?)

on a totally serious note,
if you have any mind-boggling problems,
instead of finding the nearest bangunan tinggi to jump off from,
cuba baca buku instead
(dalam masa masa suicidal, saya syor kan baca Al-Quran)

it helps, really.


zafiedafie said...

Agree 100%! Reading (and chocolate) is better than sexxxx

nisa ~ shasha said...

hehes.. tasha.. i baca buku bole wat i tido.. hahaha.. best! :p

Lya said...

ohh tapi ada this one book yg boleh buat i terjun bangunan. crime & punishment by fyodor dostroyevski. ohhhhh dh setahun lebih kot tak habis2 lg. can u pls finish it for me? ada lg kurang 40pages. hahah

s h a g o o said...

dah habis baca matanya teleskop hatinya kapal dalam botol kaca? nice tak? =)

mari buka Kelab BSB.
Belia Suka Buku. yeah!

edy said...

nice one.

fantasies can be really wild, much much wilder than any porn you have watched.muahahaha...