Friday, July 23, 2010

Random #1 : My Favourite Song

It took me so long to start the 30 days project,
not because i was suddenly swamped with ideas,
but the title for the first day (which is my favourite song) proves to be a huge setback.

For those of you who has hung out with me before,
you would know just how fickle i am.
I am that girl who goes 'id like one McChicken please.'
*5 seconds later*
'eh kejap kejap kejap. change that to Double Cheeseburger lah!'
*yet another 5 seconds*
'eh wait wait. can u cancel the Double Cheeseburger and make it a Big Mac instead?'

If you're the unfortunate person who's queuing behind me, or worse still the person who's taking my orders, dont think your death stares escaped my notice. I perasan okay, saja je buat muka bajet innocent macam tak buat salah.

Yes, i am fickle.
And i felt pressured nak kena pick just one song to list as my favourite so i did what i do best.
I stalled.

To be honest, i dont have any preference to the songs i listen to.
Semua pun ikut mood.

Like, say, if i'm driving long-distance, i'd listen to Muse,Ratatat, Phoenix, Foals, Feist or Nadasurf.
If i'm angry, I'd listen to System of a Down or The Mars Volta.
If i'm in a breakup mode, i'd listen to Dygta, Coldplay, Damien Rice, Broken Social Scene or songs with heartbreaking lyrics.
If i'm chilling, i'd opt for Beatles, Vampire Weekend, Metric, The New Pornographers, Jack Johnson, Lily Allen or Regina Spektor.

Sometimes i listen to The Donnas and The Pierces when i'm in a girl-power mode. Or Weezer, Phantom Planet, OK Go, Garbage when i want to reminisce on my Foundation days. Or Lapsap, Klaxons or Agrikulture when i want to goyang goyang.

How the hell am i supposed to break it down to one song?

Hehh. Fine just so tak lari tajuk. My favourite song right at this moment is Woo-Hoo by the 5678s. That's the same song as the famous whistling in Kill Bill Vol. 1 btw.


Ok dah la dah penat type lah. Bye bye.

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s h a g o o said...

woo-hoo hoo hoo hoo... all the way. ♥