Tuesday, September 11, 2012

of nothing and everything

I had a great weekend.

(Disclaimer : This post will not venture into lists of all the awesome food I ate and the mundane things I did described in details. Oh wait. Actually, it will!)

I saw the faces that I love,
and I spent hours conversing about existentialism,
about friendship,
of limits and boundaries,
and of course, about love (and non-love and dislove and unlove).

We stayed in bed until the mornings gave way to the noons.
We sat on the porch,
We played silly boardgames while eating goreng pisang and keropok lekor in our kaftans and jammies.

With the phone left uncharged and dead, i had uninterrupted non-virtual interactions for the whole span of the weekend. Based on the experience, i am reminded of something i once read, and can conclude that the writer knew what they were talking about :

"I want raging nights : dark and wild, lit only by the city, bonfires & cigarettes.
 I want sun kissed mornings : breezy and free, interrupted only by the voice of lovers and friends."

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