Friday, September 7, 2012

The Things That Iylia Elena has Taught Me Over The Years

1. Pray every day but only use words if they are really necessary for words make the most beautiful weapon.
2. Maybe God brings us one another, for us to get close to Him.
3. Niat kena betul, yes. Cara pun kena betul, yes?
4. To conquer yourself, you have to know what you want, and try to understand and accept what you need.
5. Be kind, for it brings ease to the universe. After all, the universe is also fighting a battle.
6. If it breaks, you put it back together.    If it doesn't work, you try again.    If that doesn't work, you chuck it away. You get a replacement.    If you can't find any, you'll learn to not need it.    If you're lucky, you'll realize that you really don't.
7. Ingatlah, jangan sesekali engkau menyerah dan berserah pada yang lain, selain Tuhanmu.

And this list is just a small, small fraction of the things that she has taught me/reminded me of/helped me discover. I thank God for the existence of the Iylias of the world (take note, they are of the Special Edition species, they weren't made in bulk, and it's really hard to find one in ready-stock) and I consider myself very very lucky that i managed to wrangle myself one.

Because, you see, she is one of those people who stay strong even when they have every right to break down.

She turned 24 at midnight.
And I do wish that many more midnights will witness her growth into a fine, fineeeeee human being/lady/friend/wife/mother and that I will be there, each midnight, cheering her on at every leap she makes.

Happy Birthday Vixen.
I love you.

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