Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Cookie Jar

My excited squeal resembled more of a 5 year old finally getting her small hand into a humongous cookie jar after weeks of eyeing said jar. Except that i'm not 5 and it wasn't the content of a cookie jar i was getting excited about!

The forecast predicted a thunderstorm.
In this day of tsunamis and hurricanes, that is not a prediction you would want to hear when you are heading to the beach.

Fortunately enough for us, Nature decided to pick our side and give the forecast a run for its money.
The sky was completely cloudless and the whole stretch of infinity was filled with scattered stars for as far as your eyes can take in.

"We're dancing beneath the stars!! I dont't care about the fact that I sound corny saying this! Hell man! We're dancing beneath the stars!!"

And my friends - they just beamed and nodded, because there wasn't much else to say to that.

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