Tuesday, January 20, 2015

How I Derive the Equation of an Elastic Heart

It started with a good intention paired with actions that do not reflect that intention.

It started in a place of uncertainty and double-guessing. It started with grasping around for something to hold on to.

It evolves, as everything does. 
Into a self-fulfilling prophecy. Into an awkward cycle of mistakes and lessons learnt. Into swapped shoes and many miles.

It evolves into something that realizes its full existence, but also realizes that existence itself is temporary. 

It blooms into a calm heart - a heart that only fears fear, and one that only opens itself to another calm open heart. 

It blooms into a recognition that presence can be felt in absence, and the only weapon you should use against the world is your beautiful smile.

My journey bloomed and it brought me to you.


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