Thursday, May 29, 2008

ada apa dengan malaysians?

Being completely ignorant when it comes to latest national news and the goss, i was totally unaware of the whole Anak Pontianak picture scandal.

My first thought was: Aduhaii. Why are Malaysians such busy bodies?

If you are expecting to see the same pictures copy and pasted all over the net, in this very blog. sorry to disappoint you perverted minds. I have no intentions whatsoever to satisfy your insatiable immorality.

I only came across the info of the 'Anak Pontianak' when a schoolmate told me and the fact that most of the pictures of her friends as well as her boyfriend was of my schoolmates as well. And sooooooo i clicked.

And all these pictures came up.

But what annoys me was not the pictures itself. What i couldnt stand was the 'konon baik' comments made by the viewers. Out came all these nasihat and Rakan Masjid-likeobservation and analysis.

"Apa nak jadi dengan remaja zaman sekarang? Dunia nak kiamat agaknya. Bertaubatlah menjadi muslimah yang baik. Memalukan mak bapak je ambik gambar macam ni. maksiat blablablablablaa yadda yadda yadda"

Its so.. fake.

Imagine this. A gives B the link to the pictures. And B quickly opens the page dengan tak sabarnya. After looking at the pics from various angles, B now puts on a baik face and writes all these goodie goodie comments.

Dude. Come on. You yourself gets excited enough to actually check the link out (or even worse, go to all the trouble of Googling it, tak payah kot nak go all angelic and snuff that 'im-better-than-you' attitude.

Thing is, like it or not, this is what Malaysians are like. KL-ites especially. I cant say im 100% excused from those misdemeanor, But itu lah orang Melayu. Once you become famous, thats the risk you've to take lah.

Makes me feel like i dont ever wanna get my 5 minutes of fame. Not if people are gonna ransack my Friendster and the likes. Hoho.

Here's an advice that i dont think people will listen to, but id like to give it anyway. Give these 'celebs' a break. The fact that ur condemning them aint gonna make them stop doing whatever they do. And theres no need to embarass people by posting their pictures on the net.

Even if betul pun that the person did something wrong, you dont have to punish their family sekali kot. Kesian la kat all the MakCik Joyahs and Dato' Ms out there.

getting carpal tunnel from typing. im out.


[YeOp] said...

from my point of view la, it's not the malaysians yg busy body. tapi org melayu yg suka menyibuk. that's why ada pepatah 'jangan jaga tepi kain orang'.

about the anak pontianak, i saw her pictures from the internet already. ala, girls wearing bikini are everywhere. but just because she's a celebrity (melayu plak tu), it becomes a controversy.

susah jadi artis kat malaysia ni. hohoho!

syafeeq said...

humm... agreed...