Monday, May 26, 2008


We were at the cafe, studying for my Environmental Engineering paper the next day,
and the remix of Last Night came on on Club Hitz. (it was 3plus am.i dont knw why they even bother provoking ppl to go clubbing when all the clubs dah tutup kedai.)

We were moving and grooving to what i thought was the most beautiful sound in the midst of the stressful study session.

And suddenly.


Like, really really badly.

I miss going to the Mutiara Damansara 24-hours McD, just to play travel scrabble because its about 3 minutes and a half from home.

And i miss going to Hartamas Square where its practically a mini-school reunion every single night.

I miss buying the pirated DVDs at SS15 in Subang. (Yea yea. Guilty as charged. Handcuff me now abang polis!)

I miss looking out the balcony of rumah and being able to see the lights of Ikea Ikano Curve Cineleisure and OU beckoning me to come visit them as soon as daylight falls.

I just miss my homies so badly.

And i felt like crying because there were three more papers to go and i wouldnt be able to sleep that night.

And when Mama and Papa came by to send me those bags and give me pocket money to sustain another 3 hell-ish days, i felt like jumping in the car and go back home.

Tinggalkan semua.

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