Wednesday, May 21, 2008

blubbering mess

Sometimes God has the funniest way to trigger feelings in you.

How a simple letdown can drag along bagfuls of happiness with it. Metaphorically speaking, its like, i cried for two seconds because my last piece of chocolate that i have been anticipating to eat was gobbled down by some nasty rat lurking behind the fridge.

And the next thing i know, a fairy godmother brings me a hamper full of chocs.

Ok. Dumb metaphore.

Point is, despite this being the longest three weeks of my 19 years and some odd months on Earth, i cant help but knowing that things are gonna be fine. It'll all work out, somehow.

Yeah, you're probably thinking of shoving my optimism up my ass. But hey! It just works better this way no?

I find myself pondering on things of the past. Looking up old retarded pics of me. When i have the time, ill scan some up so you can all laugh at my ugly betty look. Hey, it was fashionable for the 9 year olds in '97 okay! haha.

Oh. And i also had a revelation that im too loud. That perhaps theres something about the loudness that makes people itch with annoyance with me and do all sort of sorry things in the hopes of embarrassing me. And since im kinda sick of having my friends going:

"Sha! Tak payah la jerit bila cerita! U nak satu mamak dengar pasal (include topic here) ke haa?"

i actually tried to lower down the volume so i wont be too amplified. And you know what they said? "Why are you so sopan santun and soft spoken ni? Cakap mcm biasa tak blh?"


I talked to Tims a few nights ago. He made me realize that having Sayang around is truly good luck on my part. I might have realized this a tad bit too late, but my little boy has grown up to be a pretty sought after good looking fella. Whats with the signature hair and the flawless skin.

I didnt even realize how kacak he was until all these girls started flocking around him and delivered flirty one-liners. sometimes even two or three. and sometimes, a whole karangan of them. hmm. And i cant really say they are frumpy looking witches kerana mereka agak hot. Hmm again.


This has gotten a tad bit too long. I shall stop.

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