Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Moon and all about the Vampire Craze

Of course it's easy to drool all over sparkly vampires (whose skin, my friend thinks, will only look good on a handbag!).

Imagine if Meyer left Bram Stoker's version of vampire as it is. And if they look like these:

The Salt Vampire in Star Trek

Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This one looks more like a witch to me, but oh heck!
(credits to Leeber)

I bet none of you would go ga-ga. No one would go to movie premieres wearing 'Bite Me, Edward' tops and go to Halloween parties as the Cullens looking like you just came out from a glitter bath.

And in that case, i think Twilight wouldnt have been made into movies pun in the first place. But then Meyer has already done the damage by making them Adonises and Greek gods and goddesses.

Ok. That's not the point of my story here.

I've read all 4 books in the Twilight saga. And ive seen the movies repeatedly to ogle at the fairytale of a love story (because in reality, not only are there NO vampires and werewolves, but also, you rarely get to see high school kids finding love in its purest form.)

Oh yes, the dialogues recited sometimes make me swoon and daydream. And hey, im just a girl, excuse me for liking romance (and yes, Twilight is categorized as romance. bukan adventure, bukan thriller. jangan tipu).

And i do think that some of the werewolves were hotttiiiees. and that Jacob (ntah apa nama actor dia, tak ingat) has 8 packs to kill for (I counted!). And that Robert Pattinson, when he's not looking too pale is quiet good looking.

But that's that. i still think people should not get carried away with their obsession.

A girlfriend, Vicky, told me that a few nights back, she went out to a club with a bunch of friends. There was this girl who was sitting near her (whom, was a stranger).

This stranger got tipsy after awhile and bored the whole table telling everyone how obsessed she is with Twilight. With no warning, she suddenly inched closer to Vicky, and BIT HER ON THE NECK!

Tipsy Girl then claimed that she has some sort of K5 bullshit substance in her blood that enables her to suck blood.

Vicky stood up and punched Tipsy Girl who then fell to the floor, showing no signs of superhuman strength.



Shira-chan said...

meh. don't like Twilight. I prefer Anne Rice's yummy, non-sparkly vampires. =P Twilight doesn't even begin to compare.

Shira-chan said...
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Abudi Alsagoff said...

notice how you at the end of the post you exchanged the colour of pink and green for different purposes. (pink) green => pink (green)

im bored =/

Merissa K. said...

you like reading classics. of course it doesnt compare. meyer's books are not meant to be considered as a literature work.

its just fiction. mneyh. hahah. its a good read, i think.

oh goodie, you noticed! tak sia sia i went through all the trouble. heheh.

hirumi said...

haha! obsession!

Hannah Wajihah said...

Twilight is indeed awesome.

And my reason liking it is more less like urs. (i think most ppl our age mcm tu kot. if ada yang act as an absurd teenager tu, tak tau la.)

and, the bits where the chick suddenly act all tak betul. WTH?!

haha. =D

Merissa K. said...

teruk kn obsess smpai liddat? LOL

ada je youu.. kita je yg tak jumpa.. hahahah!

shrinking violet said...

aish, terkejut bila buka blog ni because of the pictures esp the first one tu. please come up with a new entry supaya tak perlu tengok gambar scary tu. thank u.

YuSeNzE said...

ghehehe... x seram... lawak je..;P

mohd ikhwan said...

nmpak mcm vicky tu la pulak ade superhuman strength.lol.

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

me tak tengok twilight but terus tgk new moon. first time jadi blur macam sabun. apakah?

terus takleh digest. kena fikir lama utk faham.

wrong moves maybe?

eli.Suhaili said...

Kak Tasha Kak Tasha, when will you update your blog?

Haihh. Saya sudah kempunan dan kering sebab kamu dah lama tk update =(

(psst. I'm one of your stalkers, so Hello to You btw=))

wana said...

are you talkin bout vicky "fuck the world"? ahahah

Merissa K. said...

Shrinking Violet:
am very very sorry for the inconvenience. hahah. sekarang jugak i tulis post baru! :P

THAT is the whole point. haha.

she's the vampire sebenarnya i rasa. heheh

agak wrong move jugak la. hahah. takpe. go watch twilight and then lepas tu tgk new moon blk. baru la make sense. hehehe.

Cik Adik Suhaili:
Ohh, rasa sungguh tua bila dipanggil kakak. hahahah. tapi rasa terharu macam artis bila ada stalker. LOL. ok omg tak blh blah i ni. :P

laju laju i tulis post baru. :D

yes babe. the one and only. itu lah vicky yg legendary. hahaha

A'a said...

hahahaah jacob's real name is Taylor Lautner. He is effing hot!! If only he's a few years older. XD Lol but I thought that Edward looked like a pondan in New Moon due to the lipstick. Haha! Too much lah the lipstick. Hahaha!! And wth lah the girl perasan sangat jadi vampire! siap gigit leher orang yang tak di kenali. hahaha bodoh