Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Trouble With Malaysia

Brian Yap once wrote :

The trouble with Malaysia is that too many people like to tell others what the trouble with Malaysia is. This includes me of course, as the topic of this essay evidently proves.

Most of us might not have much to say about the melting of the ice caps, but many of us have plenty of opinions about the state of our nation, and more importantly, what we think the problems are.

All of which is fine. Except, if so many people know what the trouble with Malaysia is, then do we hate ourselves so much, or are we so helpless, that we choose not to do anything?

If we all know what the trouble with Malaysia is, and a big part of solving any problem is identifying the cause, then why are we still trapped?

And I, being Malaysian, am also subjected to the geographical need to conform.
Though, in the spirit of being a nationalist (wahahaha), I shall not conform too much.
Malaysia is fine. It's the people in it that I have problems with.

Things I Can't Stand :

one : 
a few years back, we started crowding the Arab restaurants at Jalan Damai for a good pot of shisha, a chilled bottle of Barbican and the random Shawirma every now and then.

it was crowded then too but every bit possible to get a table.
somehow, over time, it became infested.
uhuh, infested is apt here, i think.

Parking area with their "RM4 per entry" signs started propping up.
and perhaps, it had a lot to do with Hartamas Square closing down, but soon enough you see random guys chasing you after you have parked by the road side, demanding RM2, RM3 and then RM4.

seriously, who gave those guys the authority to rob people blind?
it's not as if they did anything much apart from waiting for someone to park, with a glisten in their eyes that seems to threaten you that your car will be violated with car-key-scratches unless you pay up.

it's gangsterisme in its worst form.

perhaps i should consider doing that for extra pocket money.
i could easily make thousands a day if i were to do that in the parking area in campus.
the only outcome i can predict is that either all the cars in UTP will sooner or later be scratched beyond recognition, or that it's my face that will end up with the scratches.

two :
remember the whole TV3 is secretly a Freemason/Illuminati organization hype a few weeks back over the Raya advertisement?

Some things are undeniable, sure.
But some things are also unnecessary.

Look. I can start one right now.

You know which other organization has Freemason-tendency?

Check out the triangle roof.
It's shaped like a pyramid.
It has an All-Seeing-Eye right dab in the middle of the triangle.

So that probably means that PLUS is under a Mason organization too, yes?

I mean, come on, do we have over-read everything .
We're meant to discover stuff, yes, but that is by doing a thorough research, not to get over-excited over a piece of the picture and dwelt on it without trying to discover the bigger picture.

now I'm not saying it's only Malaysians who over-speculate (of course, other people from other countries do it too link ) but our tendency to do so is shockingly obvious. And some even go to extreme lengths with extreme thoughts and extreme words.

It's a pity really.
And again, just as Mr. Brian Yap (he is the dude who starred in Muallaf and writes for KLUE btw. check this out to see the tribute piece he wrote for Yasmin Ahmad) suggests, I do not have the solution for this.

So yes, we are still trapped for the time being. Sigh.


LepLop said...

Ya ya ya i agreed with you. people over speculate abt some things that are unnecessary to be speculated. maybe it is just koinsiden. serius gila aku.

Jo Qusary said...

Another problem with Malaysia - terrible obsession with The Arrivals series... notice how more youths claiming to be Muslims tend to believe in the series' doubtful hypothesis more than the sufficient knowledge revealed to them in the Al-Quran?

Merissa K. said...

Leplop :
i guess if it's just overspeculation je, it's still okay kot. but over-publicizing overspeculations. nuh-uh.

Jo :
omg. i was just reading international islamic forums regarding the arrivals last night! haha. dont get me started on that! :)

Merissa K. said...
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Merissa K. said...
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Hafidz said...

1.I tak puas hati with the people who collect money from the parking spaces as well. They did nothing apart from pointing to empty spaces which we either way wouldve figured out by ourselves anyway. Sebok2 sket at the area then mintak duit. Wth? Maybe we should team up and go pukul 'em someday hehe >:D

2.Malaysians (not all, just some, at times I'm included) got too much time at hand, they don't know how to spend it. So they let their minds wonder, they speculate. After that they get even more bored - they over-speculate. I think it's just a way of people trying to entertain themselves, by telling themselves some stories that they think are interesting to hear. At least to their ears :p

Whilst at the same time some of the others just got excited over finding out about the stories (Illuminati etc), they just simply swallow everything without doing their own researches. Lepas tu pergi cerita dekat makcik rumah seblah, and that makcik got excited herself and pegi cerita dekat makcik rumah seblah lagi. Lepas tu spread lah haha. And probably there'll be some who'd even accidentally-misread your post and go tell others that Plus is somewhat linked to Illuminati as well (Who knows kan :p)

p/s: Sorry for the long comments (and/or essay)! Haha

Merissa K. said...

Hafidz :

1. jap bagi i practice kickboxing dulu. :)

2. initially, i wanted to write the post speculation-like. but as you said, guessing that there might actually be people who will believe it, i refrained. heheh.

karang tak pasal pasal kena saman dengan PLUS. hehe

Merissa K. said...

Maria said ...
i think people, generally, likes to assume.
over speculating becomes a second nature after that.

and i am people, generally. how? hehe!

Tasha replied...
hehe. so am i (generally)! hahah. i guess we cant run away from it kot.

but the best thing to do is at least acknowledge the fact that you should never conclude anything based on the assumption until there are proven facts from other sources.