Wednesday, January 27, 2010

dah balik UTP, confirm la kena start excessive blogging balik!

ya allah.
this is so silly.

i was bloghopping.
and randomly terjumpa the blog of this guy i used to know a loooong time ago.

back then, he was quiet a flirt.
walaupun at the time, dia ada gf.
he's sort of known for his lady-fetish.
and secara tak sengaja, for a brief moment, i sort of got sucked into a minor drama.
(tapi takde la bitchfight tarik tarik rambut ye)

long story la.

but i never so much as talked to his gf pun.
and i kinda stopped talking to him altogether.

adalah dengar update update about him and the gf via kawan kawan.
tapi setakat dengar je la, tak ambik port sangat pun cuz it has nothing to do with me sejak berzaman dah.

i heard from the little birds that some shit came up.
and that shit turned him into a real gentleman.
and he got married to the gf.

and as i mentioned before,
baru beberapa saat yang lalu, i came across both their blogs.

read their rants dated from yeaaaaars back,
and saw their pics together.

upon seeing their wedding pics (dan gambar yang lain lain),
i suddenly realized air mata dah menitik jatuh.
terharu gila babi seeing how loving they are now.
and how grown up they both seem.

to know that he is no longer the childish impish boy i knew,
and that he is now a man who is soooo in love and soooo responsible,
rasa macam 'oh wow, he finally found what he's looking for in life'.

and it made me so happy.
even though it doesnt have anything to do with me.

tonight, they made me realize that even the relationship with the craziest rollercoaster ride pun has the potential to be 'The Real Thing'.

Tolong jangan tanya if it's THAT time of the month, sebab menangis tiba tiba baca stranger punya blog. Terharu okay. This is a beautiful moment! Let me wallow in it.


Kepada Encik X dan Puan Y,
Though you guys may never read this, please note that i am touched by your love for each other.

Yang benar,
Fithri Natasha Merissa Kartika.


Elena said...

Beautiful isn't it? :)

(And you're awake at 5 in the morning!)

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...


emy said...

tasha solat subuh la. dia bgn dekat2 waktu azan.

hey, what's wrong with excessive blogging?

it's good where i can stalk u over n over again!

Merissa K. said...

Elena :
you know who im talking about kan kan kan.
Beautiful sangattt. Kadang kadang tengok awak and afit pun rasa nak menangis jugak. hehh.

Fatul :
ok ok. saya mengaku, saya crybaby. tsk. hahah!

Emy :
hhehehe. solat solat. ALHAMDULILLAH! *grins*
the problem is that, sometimes i merepek benda yang ntah pape. heheh. nanti u nak stalk pun dah potong stim. :P

GGK said...

does this mean you are single? *small eyes*

Merissa K. said...

it might, it might not. ;)

T.H.U.G.N.I.F.I.C.E.N.T. said...

Well, Beautiful!
"People Change"
We, Men, change when we find "The One", the woman who appreciate what we are. But saya pikir yang sama juga berlaku untuk Perempuan.
We may thier love last forever...ever..ever...

Merissa K. said...

and that's a totally new revelation! haha. always good to know that you male species have solid feelings tho. LOL