Tuesday, April 13, 2010

this is why you shouldnt get any tattoo

life is meant to be filled with problems and obstacles.
kalau takde problem langsung, itu kita panggil afterlife (provided that you get a spot in heaven lah).

problems will constantly arise.
if you handle them well, and find a solution before it's too late,
you might get some time to put your feet up and relax before you need to deal with the next problem.

untuk procrastinator macam saya,
memang tak best lah.
problem yang tiga bulan lepas tak settle lagi,
suddenly ada6345654758 problem baru that needs to be solved.

Sebab tu orang cakap jangan tangguh kerja,
degil, tak nak dengar,
sekarang kan dah terpaksa cakap 'I told you so' dekat batang hidung sendiri.

It seems that all i do these days are talk about my problems.
I bet korang penat nak baca.

It sucks though, having to handle all kinds of masalah.
It sucks even more when the one person who never fails to make me forget all about my problems is 2 hours away from me (1 hour plus kalau bawak kereta 180km/h).

Im supposed to be finishing my poster for my Final Year Project punya presentation.
And even though it's supposed to be completed, and printed and laminated,
I haven't even finished the bloody poster.
Instead, im googling random stuff.

I found this on the net and it seemed appropriate dengan tajuk perbincangan hari ini:

Ini adalah gambar gambar tattoos gone wrong.
You know, ive always wanted to have a tattoo of a butterfly on the nape of my neck.
If only it wasnt prohibited by Islam,
dah lama dah i ada rama rama terbang kat leher.

But i pretty much dah berhenti berangan ever since i saw these :

ok ok ok.
ini paling PHAIL sekali.

comel kaaaaaan.

Pesanan Kerajaan : Jangan buat tattoo dekat parlour yang dodgy. Unless kalau kau banyak duit spare nak buat laser removal in case anything goes wrong.

Pesanan I : Kalau nak sangat jugak buat tattoo, jangan ambik gambar susah susah Godzilla Ultraman la segala. Buat gambar orang lidi cukup. :)


crayon said...

ahahaha... kesian kat diorang.. habis rosak badan kena conteng.. lukisan macam budak-budak tadika ja.. ahahahahha.. i like this post


Merissa K. said...


you'd wonder how they got hired jadi tattooist in the first place kan?


saya_arief said...

yang laz 2 smart jew.

Hafidz said...

LOVE your first para :D

And eh, the Godzilla in the last pic is pretty cute lah. Haha!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

hahahhaah! Epic fail! The first picture, the dog and all fails!! Buruk hahahha gile hahaha

wana said...

if u ever wna get a tattoo, plz do it at place yg mmg kmpem cntek. cth ialah LA ink. hahaha. eyh babe, ive the same dream with u! blue and purple butterfly on my back. area shoulder blade. haha hw i wish we cn do it kannn. ish ish badddd muslim! :P

marshmallow said...

muke yang kuceng tu mcm kuceng dlm katun catdog...hahahahahah