Monday, April 12, 2010

soalan bodoh yang orang tanya

I'm not trying to say that I'm smart and that i ask smart questions.
(okay. maybe just a little. hehh)
But i cant comprehend how some people can ask the stupidest questions just because they think it's okay to sound stupid if you're doing it anonymously.

I'll let the questions do the talking.
I found this on and i couldnt stop laughing.
These questions are best read when you are high.


See what i mean?


GGK said...

the last one is epic... damn epic..DARWIN AWARD material there..

Just_najmiE said...

wahahahahahahahahahaha!! the gems of human stupidity.. =DD

mIsH IeRA cIK irAh said...


Amir said...

hahaha... sakit perut aku gelak..

joynstar said...

I spilled my breakfast cereal and it's all your fault!


s h a g o o said...


you see what i mean?


Merissa K. said...

the last one is my favourite jugak! epic pretty much sums it up. :D

Axidrain said...

why do stupid people breed?
ur parents wanted children