Thursday, April 15, 2010

life is not a hollywood movie

Have you ever wondered kenapa you feel miserable and have bloody murderous thoughts at times?
it's not because the world is out to get you.
it's not because semua orang nak cari pasal dengan you.

REALITY CHECK kejap please!
you're doing it to yourself.

ive explained the rule of karma dah berapa juta kali dah i rasa.
nak berbuih dah mulut.
(or, to be more politically(?) correct, dah carpal tunnel dah type pasal karma)

ok. i faham you tgh serabut sekarang.
you have banyak gila problem.
and you sakit hati when you see that everyone else is getting on with life as if dekat luar tu semua rainbows and butterflies je.
and you feel left out, because your life sucks and you feel like hiding in a hole until everything gets better.
and the notion of how life goes on, leaving you behind feeling perasaan perasaan yang slightly short of suicidal, that sucks big time, i know.

yes yes i know.

but the more you run away from it.
the more you rebel against it.
the worse it'll get.

as you all know,
i was feeling dreadfully sorry for myself a few weeks back.
in the midst of complaining about my problems, i tak sedar that the person i was complaining to tu mcm ada problem yang lagi banyak and lagi lah in dire need of help sebenarnya.

dwelling on a problem doesnt make it go away.
being bitter to people around you, that wont solve your problem jugak.

think about it, at the time that you need to have moral supports from people around you, what good would it do if you push all these people out?

memang in the end kau end up rasa morally defeated ah.

dah dah.
jangan repeat mistake i.
and jangan lari from your problem jugak.
kata russell peters, BE A MAN!
face it yaww.

teruk teruk problem kau, banyak lagi orang kat luar tu yang ada problem lagi teruk.
so stop feeling sorry for yourself,
and do something about it for a change.



Elena said...

Hear hear!

wan said...

i like this :)

Adreen Nordin said...

weird sha. exactly how i feel. I thought I was going mad.

Anonymous said...

karma tak wujud.. no such thing s karma. well. unless u're a non-believer. mind u n me. a muslim may also be a non-believer.

Merissa K. said...

Elena :

Wan :
hmm jarang jarang u comment page i. why this post pun ntah la. hahahaha.

Reen :
Life sucks. I rasa at some point semua orang pun akan go thru jgk kot.

Anon :
karma is just another word for 'buat baik, dapat baik. buat jahat dapat jahat'. doesnt mean the word karma takde dalam al-quran, believing in it makes me a non-believer. there really is no point of labelling everything doll. as long as you understand what it really means. :)

Inana Douie said...


ezral Sya said...

asal i rasa macam makan cili sesangat ni ah. asal i rasa mcam you tengah ceramah i ni ah. asal asal asal. haha thanks :')

Merissa K. said...


jgn la :')
kasi hilang ' tu ok?
biar tinggal :) je