Saturday, June 19, 2010

Random Notes From A Mental Hospital

1. The people here are pretty amusing. (some are unbelievably annoying, yes, but mostly they are pretty amusing)
2. Ive learnt that the first rule of being in a mental hospital is you do not talk about the mental hospital.
3. Whatever you say here will be automatically discounted as you most probably have an alter ego that contradicts yourself.
4. The cutleries here are made of plastic. (you know, it's pretty hard to poke your eyeballs out with plastic. i should know, ive tried)
5. They don't put on much music here. I miss music. The most i can get here is a vibrant humming of La Vie en Rose on loop.
6. Do you know that the government is pretty rich? They actually have enough money to pay for a few dragons to guard the door to this place!
7. I know i'm not making much sense to you right now. The voices inside my head are telling me the same thing.

Summary : I am going crazy.


amywammy said...

Oh, very different from the mental hospital that I'm running. All we have was Ceberus when Hades lost a bet to us. Who's "us", by the way?

Oh well, the bitch was all for show. All we had was Sufi poets screaming "I am Yoooouuuu!" and immobile rockstars.

s h a g o o said...

woit. dah kenapa dah nie. haha.
meh meh duk kat rumah kasih sayang ampang hilir meh.

Merissa K. said...

Amy :
oooh, where's yours? maybe i can come and visit, if the guards let me, that is.

Shagoo :
rumah kasih sayang? hahaha. tahniah! anda berjaya buat saya rasa mcm kanak kanak down syndrome! hahaha

s h a g o o said...

haha. tapi bukan ke?
jangan risau. ada sorang lagi ade penyakit sama dengan awak dalam rumah tu. huhu! =P

Merissa K. said...

betul tu memang betul, tapi tak payah la kasi tau semua orang. maluuu. hehehe.

ohh, harus lah! dia yang ajar saya sebenarnya! :P