Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Revelation #265

Pagi ni emotion bercampur-campur.
Dalam otak macam ada rojak!

Life takes you places.
And it deceives you. 
It does! It does!
It makes you think that you have changed and become wiser over the years.
But you're still the same.
The essence of you is still the same.
The sound of your common sense is more amplified, but your logic is still flawed.

Or maybe it's just me.

Pagi pagi ni time angin tiup sepoi sepoi bahasa, macam best kan kalau reminisce?
All this while, ive always told you guys stories yang gembira lompat lompat.
Hari ni, nak buka cerita lain.

Warning keras : Saya type panjang panjang ni, bukan untuk anda anda judge saya (kita bukan dalam court sekarang) tapi so that hopefully somebody will learn from my mistakes.

Warning satu lagi : Mama, tak payah baca post ni please! :D 

OK, sambung.

Dulu, saya pernah TERmarah.
Bila TERmarah,TERbuat benda benda yang parah.
in the end, sendiri yang terngadah.

I was upset with someone that i love.
And when i felt like i was no longer needed, i walked away.
Oh wait, that wasnt all i did.
I walked away and attempted to replace him.
(walaupun deep down inside dah tahu, dia irreplacable, tapi ego punya pasal, saya hantam saja)

I was mean.
Very very very mean.
Inexcusably mean.

Perasaan perasaan buruk, memang brings out the worst in you.

Looking back, it was obvious that i was going through a phase.
Tapi, semua orang pun experience these phases, it does not give anyone any right to be awful about it.
And, that was the beginning.
The beginning of my own personal modernized Zaman Jahiliah.

Listen to me.
And listen carefully.

Most of the time, things will not go our way.
It's okay.
You have to fight it, yes, but not rebel against it.
There is no such thing as inflicting pain on others to reduce your own suffering.

You know, there was a wise bald old man who once said : An eye for an eye, and soon the world will be blind.

Gandhi was right.
and i was wrong.

When i was being heartless, to be honest, it did my ego some good. But that feeling did not last very long. Life span dia memang very very short. 
Tak berbaloi langsung with the amount of dignity, respect and trust that was taken away.

Jadi lah manusia yang baik baik.
Firdaus Sapidih pernah cakap, kalau nak handle breakup dengan tenang, ingat lah memori-memori yang seronok. When you talk about them to other people, only mention the good things. Baru lah boleh senyum.

Cukup cukup lah it's over. That in itself dah cukup sedih. Tak perlu lah nak tambah lagi kesedihan dengan cerita benda benda yang buruk. Do yourself a favour. Let it go. Perasaan perasaan tak seronok ni, will only go away if you let it. Kalau sampai bila bila pun nak cling on to the negativity, hidup tak kan tenang.


Hariry Ariffin said...

jangan sedih2. Smile :)

Merissa K. said...

eh eh tak sedih pun lah. hehe.
teringat mistake mistake dulu je.

thanks tho! :D

s h a g o o said...

dua ibu jari tangan ke atas ke atas! =)

Merissa K. said...

ke atas ke atas!

hahaha. excited eh kak? :P

GGK said...

okay so Firdaus Sapidih ni wujud ke? hehe

Merissa K. said...

wujud laa! ada bunyi fictional ey? :P