Wednesday, January 12, 2011

back from hibernation

1. sorry for having been gone for so long. ive been happy and distracted, that's why.

2. i finally have something to be depressed about, and thus am back scribbling and typing away.

3. no, im not gonna tell you what is it that im depressed about, so that should save 5 seconds of your time that it takes to ask me the dreaded question. perhaps a lil bit later, when i'm not feeling as peaky as i am now? :)

4. 2010 has been utterly dreadful to me, and for the past 11 days, ive been living in the fantasy that 2011 will be the my Resurrection Year. It doesnt look too good now, but i'm forecasting better days to come give and take a few months. 

5. Life is uncertain and it sucks that we have to waddle through the uncertainties. But im pretty sure that the only reason we keep ending up at dead ends is that we have yet to learn from our mistake and made the best decision there is.

6. I am thinking of writing a novel. Do you guys think i should? I mean, if i were to write one, would any of you consider forking a small sum of your hard earned cash simply to read my ramblings? Eh ni honest question ni tau. I need answers so jawab laa eh if that's not too much to ask for. Hehe.

7. This is actually just a mock post to let you guys know that im virtually back from my month long hibernation. Am gonna finish the real post that has been sitting as a draft sampai dah berhabuk dah pun. Mneyh.

Later people. 



Igniz said...

I'm thinking of writing a book myself too. but havent decided whether or not it would be a novel. and most importantly, havent decided when to start, yet.

Will i spend some of my hard earned money buying a book you've written? well i thought i've made it obvious by unfailingly asking u to quit ur studies and become a writer. remember? :P

p/s: still not too late to quit ur studies, though. heheh. :P

belle said...

gonna buy that. no lies :D

Valossa Vicious said...

Tasha! You're back from hiatus!

Merissa K. said...

Ijan :
hehe. same here! ive been wanting to write for years now. finally think i should do something about it. heheh.

and by association, you should too! i'll buy yours! :D

and i have to say thanks to you for being my virtual cheerleader! :D

Belle :
awwww thankksss. hee. *terharu sambil lap air mata*


VV :
i ammmmmm! will you do the 'im back in the virtual world' dance with me? hahaha. am catching up with all the blog hoppings that ive missed out in the past month! penat sampai juling mata okay nak baca! haha

GGK said...

11 days to notice? why u slow? hehe

Merissa K. said...

to notice? to notice apa?? haha

Db Cooper said...

hey, u back finally...