Wednesday, January 26, 2011

only believers go to heaven?

for the past two months or so,
i have had to take my sister to the hospital every other day for her physiotherapy appointment.
(she had a bad swimming accident, during which she almost got her finger cut into two. she's fine now if that's what you're wondering. just remember, dont wear rings when you swim! dont say i didnt warn you!)

during one of the visits, we got to talking with this old Chinese uncle.
from talking about the Reproduction Chapter of high school Science, we somehow ended up talking about religion.

the uncle then told us about one of his encounter with a Catholic friend.
the friend preached to him about his religion and claimed "You have to embrace it because anyone other than the believers will NOT make it to heaven!"

the uncle then thought for a while and replied, "Well, in that case i dont want to go to heaven! All of my friends are from other religions."


GGK said...

thats a good one

Valossa Vicious said...

Eh Tasha, I've heard something similar to this... But my memory fails me. Not really that similar but it brought the same idea.

You know, as radical as it sounds, I think faith is mankind's greatest exploitable weapon, beyond the power of atomic bomb.

lolahunny said...

oh man religion, always the sensitive topic. but a funny comeback nevertheless.

babe, u ape kabar babe? fb me lor.