Monday, November 29, 2010

small things and big gestures

you know how they call the first few months of relationship the 'honeymoon period'?
it's not surprising, considering that the romance level will decrease by a few notches post-honeymooning.

i think this (after the honeymoon period is over) is where we greedy humans often go wrong.
it is at this point that we tend to focus on the big gestures that says 'I LOVE YOU' and stop noticing the small things.

I read Amir Muhammad's story in Rojak where he recalled a certain memory from his childhood.
He was standing outside of a mosque with his father after prayer, simply waiting for his mother to come out. While they were waiting, he noticed his dad picking up his mother's shoes and simply moved the shoes so that it would face the other direction. That way, when his mother comes out from the mosque, she wouldnt have to fiddle with her shoes. Instead she could put it on right away. And that was the first time Amir realized that his father loves his Ummi.

That got me thinking, me being as selfish as I am, i'm pretty sure there are dozens of little things that i haven't been grateful for.

To take one small example, i love to talk (im sure you are also tired of hearing me repeat this fact). Sometimes, when i'm on a roll, i just cannot stop.
I need to talk just for the sake of talking, without having anything substantial to talk about.

There has been plenty of times when Rambut Kembang is too tired to talk to me.
He would then ask me to sit by the couch where he sleeps and read him a story.
That way, i get to talk, but he doesnt have to respond.

I'm starting to think that those small things might actually mean more than big gestures.
It's awesome, really, how something so small that it's almost insignificant can actually determine how far you can go.


Valossa Vicious said...

I like this post because it reminds me about the butterfly effect. A butterfly flipped its wing and BOOOM the future gone haywire.

It's true, little things we barely notice could destroy what we tried to build for years. Just like that. What's funny about it is the fact that we can only notice em when it's too late!

Merissa K. said...


yeah, butterfly effect. that's actually the first post of yours that i read, tau tak.

we're too ignorant, dont you think? (im trying to cut down on the ignorance, though so far it has only succeeded in aggravating me haha).

if only people are more observant. sigh.

amywammy said...

comel nyeeeeee..rasa nak sepak2

Azam Abd Rahman said...

salam singgah,
jenguk juga laman puisi saya