Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Anyone who says they have only one life to live must not know how to read a book

Ika's mom is going to move to Labuan soon and she would be leaving all her books behind. Being a sucker for freebies, I hogged three huge paperbags of books that should last me til next June or so.

I have just finished lining them up on the rack (according to height!) and am about to cry because it already looks like a mini library :')
crying over a book shelf would definitely put me under the 'psycho' list, so ive decided to blog about it instead (as a way to stop the tears from making a debut).

And yes, a part of me just wants to show off. :P

1) State of Fear - Michael Crichton
2) The Terminal Man - Michael Crichton
3) Noble House - James Clavell
4) Absolute Proof - Stephen Frey
5) Justice - Faye Kelleman
6) Life of Pi - Yann Marcel
7) Primary Colours - Anonymous
8) Bleachers - John Grisham
9) Inside The Kingdom - Carmen bin Laden
10) Dolores Clairborne - Stephen King
11) Dreamcatcher - Stephen King
12) Twelve Red Herrings - Jeffrey Archer
13) Black Market - James Patterson
14) Hide and Seek - James Patterson
15) The Doomsday Conspiracy - Sidney Sheldon
16) The Stars Shine Down - Sidney Sheldon
17) It Is Bliss Here - Myles Hildyard
18) Dead Air - Iain Banks
19) Walking on Glass - Iain Banks
20) Canal Dreams - Iain Banks
21) Ash Wednesday - Ethan Hawke
22) Brother Odd - Dean Koontz
23) A Darkness More Than Night - Michael Connelly
24) Vanished - Danielle Steel
25) Mixed Blessings - Danielle Steel
26) The Hot Zone - Richard Preston
27) There Is No Me Without You - Melissa Fay Greene
28) La Prisonniere - Malika Oufkir and Michele Fitoussi
29) Revolusi Mental Mahathir - Yahaya Ismail


Lya said...

i love ur title!

& its sad how, being a business student, the first thing i was attracted to was the twelve red herrings. -_-"

Merissa K. said...

tee hee.

awwwh lya, i seriously did not expect anybody to actually read the book titles. hehh.

i ingat sampai number 3 ppl dah tekan the X button tutup browser dah. ahahaha.

nanti i dah habis baca, i pass kat u ekk? :)

Igniz said...

i love reading books too. always worried every time i enter a big bookstore like MPH or Borders coz i know i'm gonna leave few hundred bucks there. -_-"

but the thing is, i'm more to psychology, philosophy, self-development, self-improving type of readers. like edward de bono's 'six thinking hats' and stuff. or 'dealing with people you can stand' (sape ntah tulis, tak ingat). or in short, i'm a nerd. so....i selalu takder chance nak borak2 ngan kengkawan yang rata2 baca novel2 cool. kalau stakat dan brown's or J.R.R Tolkien boleh lah. bosan gak baca sengsorang. wuwuwu. T_T

p/s: 'Twelve Red Herring' sounds cool. do not find me if that book suddenly disappears from your shelf, aite? it's not me. >=]

Merissa K. said...

LOL. That's why you have to be cheapskates like us and go to the sale for books! nanti i send you the link kat facebook kayyh.


your genre sama dengan ika. you should discuss it with her! betul, serious. :)

p/s : if it goes missing, i cari Lya first, then i cari you. :P

s h a g o o said...

is that all?

*hoi. tamaknye soalan*

Merissa K. said...


buat masa ni, that is all.

come friday, mungkin (hopefully) bertambah. LOL.


amywammy said...

I wanna call dibs on Life of Pi!!

hahaha, I know that feeling, some days I just like to take out all of my books from the library and rearrange it alphabetical/ according to height/ fiction-nonfiction.Pastu senyum penuh bangga.Occasionally, I'll attempt to hug my bookcase, and NO I insist I'm not a psycho :P

amywammy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Merissa K. said...

duly noted! hehe.

awwwhhh amy, this is exactly why i love you! (because u occasionally attempt to hug your bookcase) and it makes me feel like i have a non-psycho comrade hand in hand with me.


GGK said...

Twelve Red Herrings awesome

Merissa K. said...

ala hasrul! i tgh nak kena study for exams ni. now i dah rasa tak sabar nak baca twelve red herrings because everyone is talking about it! ngaaaaaaa

hamlet said...

wei, apsal tak letak gamba?
letak je gamba buku2 on the rack. mesti best.

Merissa K. said...

hee. camera phone i loser sangat. i takde dslr nak ambik gambar. nak kasi i pinjam u punya? heheheh

jeff said...

nak pinjam Dreamcatcher. hehe

Merissa K. said...

haha bolehhh.. nanti saya pass kat lincy!

nyet said...

tasha i pnye list lg bnyk laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haha