Sunday, November 14, 2010

dari perempuan kepada perempuan

yang sudah berpunya memang lazimnya lebih menarik hati
yang bukan mudah dipetik yang itu menjadi keinginan abadi

beringat ingat lah, 
Tuhan itu Maha Adil.
bilamasa kau cuba mencari ruang untuk menjadi orang ketiga
dan bilamasa hubungan terjalin atas kesedihan orang lain
ketika itulah namamu akan termaktub dalam buku karma

jika benar dia memang tercipta untukmu
dan engkau dicipta untuknya
tak perlu lah bermuslihat segala, 
tak perlu juga rebutkan dia
yang pasti, tak akan kemana.

jangan lah buka pekung di dada
jangan lah menangis meronta ronta
jangan mengejar jangan memaksa
nanti terjatuh terngadah sudahnya

aku faham apa kau rasa
aku juga pernah disana
tapi biarlah kena niat dan cara
tak perlu lah main redah saja



Igniz said...

nice piece of writing. nice message too.
i realize that...
your 30-day plan stopped at Day-2.
kan? kan?

heh.heh.heh. >=]

Merissa K. said...


that is actually my backup plan for when i dont have any idea on what to write je..


nanti nanti lah sambung. hahah

Valossa Vicious said...

Recently a friend of mine left her steady girlfriend for 3 years just because he met a hotter girl.

I thought, what a douchebag, but that's his life after all.

As a female, what do you think?

Merissa K. said...

VV :
well, there are three possible outcomes :

1)perhaps the hotter girl also has a better personality than the ex, which might result in them living happily ever after.

2)based on number 1, since the girl is hot and also has a better personality than his ex, she might also end up feeling that he's not good enough for her and that might lead to her leaving him for a hotter guy with a better personality than him.


3) being prettier and hotter, the new girl will probably have higher expectations and probably be more controlling over him as she feels like she's hot so she has to be the queen of the world.

he will then regret his decision as on top of that, the hotter girl is more shallow than the ex and has no real substance whatsoever.

he will then attempt to crawl back to the ex, hoping that she'd take him back but by then she would have already moved on to someone who knows how to fully appreciate her.

hows that for a pick-your-own-ending? ;)

Valossa Vicious said...

*clap clap clap*

Well said Merissa.

What I thought was along those lines because he's kinda lost in her world, he's not hanging out with us guys anymore, his life revolves around her. Based on my experience, that's a really bad sign. Anyway, bitter lesson is better learned. Haha

Do you mind if I copy that?

Anonymous said...

I think girls who go for other people's boyfriend have self esteem issues or have daddy issues.

Crazy bitches.

But I think sometimes, it is the boy's fault for misleading the girls.
Dia nak dua dua.. lagi babi lelaki cam ni. I wanna burn them.. and cut them.
Takde balls nak pilih mana satu then take both. BABI BABI BABI!!
Well , "engkau ingat kau handsome sangat? Boleh gi mampos" is my message to boys like that.

oh man, I hate all these kahwin 2 bullshit jugak. babi all those men yang kahwin 2.

-your lesbian partner-
I know you know who i am =D

(terlalu emo and banyak swearing and tak sopan.. so kene jadi anonymous)

Merissa K. said...

tee hee hee.

clap je? standing ovation mana? hahahahahah.

ive never understood those who puts friends aside for a gf/bf. kalau kahwin tu lain lah cerita. but oh well, hati lain lain i guess.

i couldnt put it any better : bitter lesson is better learned.

hahaha. that's what mistakes and error in judgments are for kan? ive to say, in my experience, it did work splendidly well. haha. terus insaf lepas jatuh tersungkur. LOL.

(though, i never abandoned any of my friends along the way. haha)

go on child, you have my blessing. hahahahahaha.

btw, whats ur real name? Valossa Vicious pjg dowh nak type. haha. or are we simply on 'nama-tipu' basis here?

Merissa K. said...

To my Lesbian partner :

ngahahaha. one of these days, somebody are bound to ingat that we really are a couple of lesbos. LOL.

anyway, i think all three parties pun mesti ada salah. and im pretty sure bukan lelaki je yang buat mcm ni, perempuan pun confirm ada. (its just that theyre not allowed to kahwin dua, tu je, not that it makes that much of a difference since orang yg kahwin pun ada je toyboys and anak ikan)

thing is, if everybody makes it a point to do the right thing and approach each relationship with the realization that there's a possibility that somebody out there is gonna get hurt realll bad, then perhaps less cases will be reported.

tapi, manusia memang suka ikut cakap hati. otak kata apa, semua buat bodoh je. hahaha.

all we can do, is to keep on reminding ourselves not to make the same mistakes.


Anonymous said...

Sorry for the previous EmoSi comment.
It was not directed to anyone but my past.

Keep on looking sexy in toronto baby.

Lesbian partner

ps: I memang sentiasa on your side babe. Whatever happens.
I will always be bias and be on your side.

Merissa K. said...


weh apa apologize apologize ni. kamaaaaaan. XD

alaa i pun sama.
am also directing this to my past.
ini hasil hasil reminiscing je ni.


ill be sexy in toronto, you be smokin' in adelaide. woot woot. hahahahaha.

i suka ps you. :x

Valossa Vicious said...

Hahaha, okay la, standing ovation for you.

Same here. I did my share of mistakes too and only after that I learned my lessons, the hard way. Works every time huh?

Thanks master Yoda. I'm officially your apprentice now. Hahahaha

My real name is Nurjauhari. Longer than Valossa -.- You can call me Joe. So your real name is Natasha kan?

Merissa K. said...


yeahh. it just sucks that it has to hurt that much just so ull pick up a few lessons.

Nurjauhari? that's pretty rare innit? :D where did Valossa Vicious come from then?

yeahh. i was just gonna say that YOU should get a standing ovation for being observant, when i remembered that my name is on my url.


but then again, Merissa K. pun is my real name jugak.

Valossa Vicious said...

Hahaha yeah it's your url.

Eh? Merissa K. is your real name too? How come?

Rare? Is it? I think I was kinda bored this one day, so I translated the meaning of my name with Google translator to Valossa Vissaus, it's Finnish. Then I mutated Vissaus to Vicious. Just for fun, hahaha.

LOL Google lagi!

Merissa K. said...

the full name is Fithri Natasha Merissa Kartika.


ketensionan melanda each time kena isi borang. hahah.

Nurjauhari is Valossa Vissaus in Finnish? interesting. perhaps i should move to Finland considering that names sound sexier there.


kalau Google is God, then i'd have to say you'd pass as its prophet! LOL. avid user gila gila!


Valossa Vicious said...

Waah I think you made it to my friends-with-long-names list. Hahahaha Belum masuk your dad's name lagi tu.

I feel you. People tend to confuse my name as girl's name. Termasuk hostel registration n rumah sukan okeh.

Not really, some names sound really ugly. Like 'Iman', it's 'Usko' in Finnish.

The Google Prophet huh? Hahahahah So my bible is the internet.

ezral Sya said...

True true true too true to the point of scary kak especially the "termaktub dalam buku karma" part aagh thanks for this :')

Merissa K. said...

VV :
What other names are on that list? Uve piqued my curiosity. Hahah.

Hostel registration? woot woot. Lucky you then! You shouldve worn a wig when u registered for the hostel and duduk je. Senang sikit cuci mata.

Hahahahah. Oh well, that mightve worked in 'Eurotrip', but you never know, maybe ur lucky and it'll work in Malaysia jugak. Hahhaha.

Usko mcm nama orang Eskimo. Hahaha.

Hahahaha. That would be one hefty bible. LOL. Imagine having to print out everything to fit in books! (horror)

Merissa K. said...

Sya :
hahaha. nak buat mcm mana. kita orang orang malang (ke lucky?) senasib kena lalu benda benda tak best karma la apa la mcm ni.


hey, good luck SPM tau! buat betul betul (ish cliche betul haha)

Delina said...

Tasha, i've always believed that, no matter what happens, we can never be entirely happy if the happiness is built di atas kesedihan orang lain.

And yes, biarlah kena niat dan cara. Kalau betul-betul sincere, tak ada muslihat segala, biarlah dalam keadaan apa sekalipun, insyaAllah, semua baik saja :)

And i love this piece, Tasha, thanks :)

(okay comment panjang, sorry. Hehe)

Merissa K. said...

That was what my roommate said too. And i think it's true.

and nareem, do remind me if you ever see me faltering from this revelation. thank you. haha

And thanks for the comment (you are welcome to write as long as you want)