Tuesday, November 9, 2010

karma schmarma.

im the kind of person who constantly needs to talk.
it's more of a sickness, really, if i were to be honest.
each time i'm faced with a new set of problems, my friends (and their respective ears) are the ones that suffer.

i have a raging need to voice something out loud in order for my brain to compute it.
(as im writing, im feeling very sympathetic towards my friends. you see, i can be obsessive at times. ahh, who am i kidding, i obsess ALL the time. i can talk about a stupid topic for hours and hours. and now i think i ought to personally thank all of you for still wanting to befriend me. ngehh)

my parents once told me though,
whatever it is that you want the world to see, you need not show. if you are sincere enough, one day, at the right time, the world will realize it all on its own accord, without any coercion on your part. 

which brings me to the realization that perhaps, you ought not be talking about negative things. like, your fears and your dark issues and well, things that you intend to forget.

this is not optimism talking. it really isn't.
it's just well, common sense.

constantly talking about something will not provide the issue with any solution, i can vouch for that. all it makes you do is worry more and more about something that might or might not even happen. and well, to be honest, if you focus on something more than you should, it has a tendency of propelling you out of control.

so you want to forget about a bad breakup.
why the hell are you still talking about the heartbreaker to your friends?
you keep telling yourself and everybody who's listening that you want to forget all about the jerk who broke your heart, and the awful things that the person has done to you.
talking about it relentlessly will NOT give you what you need to move on and walk away.

but then again, if anybody were to tell me this a few months back, i would probably ignore it and do whatever the hell i want anyway.

so yeah.


How people treat you is their karma, how you react is yours.


lolahunny said...

"sayang tak menjamin togetherness. kadang kadang atas sebab sayang lah, people are forced to let go. sebab bila sayang, the only thing you want is the other person to be happy too, even if it means without you in the same frame."

tasha babe.. i rasa i tak pernah rasa sayang macam ni lagi.. mungkin i dah baca banyak sangat self help books yang ber message " put your self first, and love yourself"...
I have not yet feel that level of "cinta" yang you kene let go to make him happy.

Maybe i'm selfish.

To me.. it's either you let him go cause you don't think you like him that much.

or he lets you go cause he doesn't like you that much.

I tak pernah... i'm letting you go cause I want you to be happy.

hehe although i've said that before cause I wanted to break it off and I don't know what to say.

ok saya merapu sebab saya rindu awak.

kawan lama anda yang saya tahu anda cinta.

Merissa K. said...

kawan lama saya yang tahu diri dicintai,

it's a good thing la never having felt that. it doesnt mean ur selfish. it just means that the people that you've been with seems happy with you rather than without you.

haha. ur not losing out on much.

and using it as a breakup weapon has proven to be effective, otherwise it wouldnt be as cliche as it is now kan? hehe.

bottom point is, ur lucky if uve never felt that. it doesnt mean ur selfish. it just means that boys are besotted with you enough not to want to leave. ;)

saya pun rindu awak banyak banyak!

saya tahu awak cinta saya jugak. hehehehe