Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder

If you got here expecting to read a medical observation, you are in the wrong place.
This is just a rant, with no solid facts at all.
Go on. Hit the 'X' button, i will not be offended, i promise.

ive had a few telltale symptoms of OCPD.
then again, maybe it is just a few perfectionist traits due to my being born under the Virgo sign
but then OCPD sounds more fun! 
heheh. so im gonna stick to it.

im getting giddy, so im listing out a few of my quirks :

1. each time i write notes for class or exams, it has to have more than one colour. that is why i never go to class without my colour pens. in fact, it is so bad there was this one time that i had only just covered one out of ten topics for my paper which was due the next day, and i refused to simply doodle some quick notes using just my pencil. even though im just rewriting other people's notes or doing past year papers, the answer has to be neatly written in at least two colours. otherwise, i wouldnt be able to remember what ive written.

2. the work that i send in has to be perfect by my standard. lets say ive got an assignment that consists of 3 questions. if i only manage to get the answers for two of the questions, but not for the last one, i would rather not send in the assignment at all. -_-'

3. my room is a mess most of the time. but each time i want to study, the room has to be spick and span. (kalau tak, memang jam, baca apa pun tak kan boleh masuk). that is probably why last minute studying has proven to be ineffective in my case. because ill spend more time cleaning the pig-sty of a room than actually studying. 

4. at certain times, i will have a random need to read a certain book out loud. i dont know why, but i just have to do it. during this 'storytelling' phase, i will read a book and each time i mispronounce a word, i have to re-read from the top page. it is tedious and seriously annoying but i seriously cant stop doing it. 

5. every single time i park my car, after a few seconds, ill walk back towards the car to make sure that ive locked it. and it's pathetic because i know for sure that the first thing i do after getting out from the car is to lock it. yet, i have to make sure. every single time. it doesnt sound so bad if im just a few steps away from the car when the compulsion hits me. but sometimes ill be in the shopping mall, a few floors away from where i parked my car, and like it or not, i just have to walk back to the car to make sure that it has been locked. it's either that or i have to spend the rest of the time worrying about my car being stolen. 

this is getting a tad bit long and a tad bit embarrassing. so im gonna stop. 
have YOU got OCD/OCPD tendency? ;)


Jo Qusary said...

not sure, but I do know for sure that I have ASD.

Merissa K. said...

autism spectrum disorder ke jo? (baru lepas google)

what's that like?

Jo Qusary said...

Asperger's Syndrome Disorder... dunno, I feel normal.

Merissa K. said...

hahahahaha. bagus. tu yang i nak dengar tu! :)

amywammy said...

I smack you if you do number 4 in front of me!!

But I'm guilty of number 5 too. And according to a friend, that habit is not good, as you're limiting and even reducing your ability to recall short term memory.

No.6: I always have to check whether I still have my handphone and wallet in my bag every 15 minutes :P

Obefiend Weiland said...

i have signs of retardation, stupidity, douchebaggery and idiotism since i was a kid.i am also dyslexic

welcome to teh cacat club!

Merissa K. said...

Amy :
hahahahaha. it might be fun, doing no. 4 in public (this sounds like a bad toilet etiquette) seeing you squirm and all.

heheh. but so far, ive managed to keep it in the room, so as not to embarrass people around me.

as for no. 5, i know, dah banyak kali kena lecture. but ive gotta do what ive gotta do mangg! hahah.

check phone and wallet every 15 MINUTES?? hoho. for your sake, i do hope that's at least a slight exaggeration. haha.

takpe my, we shall wallow in each other's ocd-ness! :D

Merissa K. said...

Effs :
ill buy douchebaggery, but not the other 4. retardation? stupidity? dyslexic? u freakin kidding me mannn? i may be a tad bit paranoid and anxious, but i aint dumb.

am honoured to join teh cacat club. normal people are boring. :D

amywammy said...

I don't think so. I have a habit of misplacing things, so I always need to constantly check my bag to see if I haven't misplaced them (yet).

Nahh, I would only be extremely bothered at no.4 if I am reading as well. Haha. you also forget one habit, which I think you do.

You won't bukak the books besar-besar when you're reading them, cause you're afraid the spine of the books will crack =P

Merissa K. said...

hahahahahahahahahha. oh yes oh yes! i do that too! and for the exact same reason!

i get really pissed if i accidentally sit on my book and the front cover terlipat lipat. mcm FFFFFFFUUUUUUU RAGE. hahaha.

im pretty sure there are plenty more. hmmmm.

ooooooh, considering you arrange your books by height/title/genre, do you also hang your clothes according to colour/type?

hee. cuz i do that too!

amywammy said...

awww...we're exchanging freak stories, how nice =P

Nope, only my books are in good conditions and are well taken care off.When it comes to wardrobe, I pakai sistem tak pakai tak serika, maka tak sangkut. HAHAHAHA

Valossa Vicious said...

Finally, another blogger with OCPD symptoms!

Those days back in secondary school, this kind of situation was familiar to me:

*arrange a stack of books*

*uneven stack*


*rearrange the stack*


At some point one of my friends noticed this and I suspected OCPD.

I'm also very particular about the arrangement of stuffs in my drawer and my wardrobe.

I don't eat foods which are too messy, like lots of toppings, sambal, etc.


I suck at writing notes. I don't do it most of the time, I read the whole book because I have the tendency to think I might have missed something. Even when the exam's the next day.

Merissa K. said...

i actually think that there are plenty of our kind out there. XD

i do that thing with the arrangement too. everything has it's own place. even when my room is so messy i cant even see the floor, i still need to know exactly where everything is.

i love the term 'organized mess'. it completes my world. ngahahaha.

do u also get pissed when somebody messes up ur organized mess the way i do?

btw, having to read the entire book has gotta be tiring. and time consuming. i need to constantly highlight and rewrite them on a piece of A4 paper folded 4 times and write from left to right.

has to be in that order. otherwise it's not gonna work.

as im typing all this down, im just realizing how crazy i actually sound. haha.

Elena said...

I would freak out if a staircase does not have an even number of steps.

You have to start with your right foot, and land on the last one with your left see?

Merissa K. said...

hehehehe. i have to start with my right foot too! tapi tak kisah if tak land on the last one on my left.

but but but. each time i enter the room, or put on shoes or pants kena right foot first.

otherwise ill step out of the room or the pants or the shoes, and step/pakai balik with my right foot.

come onnnn yaaa. i bet u have plenty more. hehehehe

Valossa Vicious said...

No we're normal. People are weird. Hahaha

I agree with the term 'organized mess'. It's a mess but I know how to locate my stuffs exactly.

The difference is, I'm particular that the floor is completely tidy and visible, but it's different case with my bed. Massive piles of books, bags, and gadgets. I don't believe in the idea that blankets must be folded. Do you?

lolahunny said...

tasha..... i rindu u...

Merissa K. said...

Valossa :
hahaha. *high five*
folded blankets do not have the same enticing air about it. tak rasa mcm the bed is welcoming. rasa mcm pergi cheap motel. ngahahah.

Hani :
i miss you too bebeh! balik la cepat cepat!

Anonymous said...

yes to all of the above.

also, whenever i study for exams, i tend to hightlight almmost all if the words. sbb rasa mcm semua penting je. that considered. ocpd too? heee.