Thursday, January 22, 2009

22 January 2009
HARI INI DALAM SEJARAH : 2 years 9 months anniversary

Broken hearted as I am, Im determined not to give up on the fight. Listen sha. Listen to what the universe is telling you. Listen. Fucking listen.

Ive lost him three times. And im not going through the heartache that left me braindead. No. Not again.

And I cant even begin to describe how shitty I feel right now.

How I wish I can go back and stop being paranoid and insecure. So I can fix my mistakes. So I can listen to the tell tale signs better.

So I can make it better.

Too bad this is not Harry Potter. Or a Doraemon comic book.
Please baby please. Just come back.

Oh. And happy anniversary. :(


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Obefiend said...

what what? ........ is that who i think it is...

i guess so....