Tuesday, January 6, 2009

scared much?

There are three things in Malaysia that im most afraid of.

Ever since I was a small girl with braided hair, my parents threatened me with the police whenever I attempted anything naughty.
“Fithri Natasha!! Cuba duduk diam2. Jangan lompat2 dlm kereta! Nanti polis datang tangkap nanti, dia letak dalam jail! Haa. Duduk diam2!”

Unfortunately, the threats proved to work efficiently too well.

Up til now, whenever I see the white car with the blue siren, I get all rigid and stiff. My heartbeat pumps faster than a cat humping its partner(?). Its amazing how scared I get even when im not doing anything wrong.

And its amazing how they seem to be able to smell my fear. Ask me how many times have I been stopped by police before? Hah!

And I’d say the best way to get me into an accident is to shout “POLICE” right by my ears when im driving and giving it a few seconds for the word to echo relentlessly in my eardrum. Im telling you, you’ll drive me right into the nearest longkang.


This is mostly due to the word of mouth. Ive heard so many horrible stories that the sound of their horrendously modified bike will send me running in the other direction.

Oh, and not to forget the carrot cut jeans and weird hairstyle as well as the scarf that is normally used by the pak hajis.

I don't think I need to elaborate much on this. Hahah.

So, tell me, what are the three things in Malaysia are u most scared of?


emy said...

1. Politician - Becoz they are greedy and stupid. Im afraid they will drag the whole country down with them.

2. Result! - of everything. especially after weeks of examination. oh my!

3. wrath of a woman - i dun like to be nag. so stop nagging me.

Obefiend said...

jabatan agama tidak wujud di cyberjaya... YES!


ok ok serious

1. ah beng - if i buy stuff from shops i make sure the worker or owner is not an ah beng. usually their customer service is lan zi

2. motorcyclist - not just to rempits for me. i hate them because they love pretending that they own the road. even uncle and pakcik kpoiah bawak motor like Evil Knievel

3.Rich people in Big Expensive Cars - usually they will drive like they also own the road. so i make sure i drive a safe distance away from expensive looking cars. just in case i "kissed" their car and they demand on the spot payment

Abdelmadjid said...

Well as a foreigner i am scare of three and badly things:
1- Be attack by Malaysian loris driver while you are driving a nice and beautiful car that is why i am afraid of buying a car here in Malaysia.
2- Hiding your self and see your girl middle of night instead of enjoying the life with her( c lubing,walk hand in hand,pick-nick) if you do that you will get killed
3- Malaysian youngster are bodoh i mean close minded they can only think not beyond their nose and girls are not friendly they are closed minde too.

Shira-chan said...

I used to be somewhat afraid of policemen too... until I dated the son of one. Now policemen are something I see a lot, so the novelty kind of wore off. haha!