Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Herping (Not Herpes)

Thanks to the YOUTH ’09 reptile exhibition that I went to last Sunday, I met a Rakan Muda herper group who told me that they catch wild reptiles and put them into homes rather than killing them. And if we see anything that we like, we get to keep em.

Btw, for those who’s not in the know, herping is activities that is conducted in order to find reptiles and amphibians.

Since I am done mourning for the loss of my snake, I am ready to get a new one(and a free one, at that.)Heck! it would be like shopping for snakes!!

And so, this Chinese New Year, im packing my bag and joining the herping session in Hulu Langat.

Anyone wants to join me catch some pwetty pweeeettyyyy snakes?


Obefiend said...


" i have enough of these motherfucking snake on the motherfucking plane"

no seriuously i hate them reptiles. gimme the heebie jeebies.gah!

good on you.

zalikha anas said...

cool!itll be like reptile therapy instead of retail therapy.happy shopping baby!

Elena said...

I'm interested! Nak details please?

Janji ada clean toilets, take me anywhere! :D