Thursday, January 29, 2009

The One with The Slaughtering

My parents made me go to a motivational course last weekend.
I guess thats their last attempt to fix me up since i have been totally running out of control.
Or whatever.

if theres one thing that i picked up there, itll be a story.
Of how Nabi Ibrahim(aka Abraham) was willing to slaughter his beloved son, Nabi Ismail to prove to God that he loved Him more than anything else in the world.

That was what i did.

I sacrificed my utmost prized love, something that i love beyond anything else in the world. More than my family, my friends, my life, myself, and based on the things ive done with and for him, sometimes even God.(Oh haters, please spare me this one. Im being dead honest here.)

I pretty much slaughtered him.

And im sorry my love if i hurt you. but lets hope that God decides that ive proven enough and give you back to me.

to me


Adwina said...

babe, sumthing wrong with u ngn dzul ke? saw ur status kat gtalk, mcm ada sumthing yang tak kene je

Misz Mizah said...

maybe kan your biggest sacrifice is just letting go. huhu. :)