Monday, August 16, 2010

Arsenal Vs. Liverpool

First game of the season, and already we were facing the losers of last season (or so i thought at the time).

The  first half was sloooooooowww.
Serious tak faham kenapa Arsenal players refused to run.
Sayang sayang sekelian, kalau setakat nak power walk, baik suruh Watson Nyambek je play for Arsenal.

Haaa, macam ni lah bila Fabregas takde,
semua kelam kabut tak tau which direction to head to.
This is the reason behind Wenger's insistence tak nak give in to Barca okaaay.

Tapi tak kisah lah, lari slow pun takpe, sayang still sayang jugak.
Even though I dengar plenty of voices (suara suara murtad) who claims nak give their loyalty to Blackpool after the game, Arsenal tetap di hati ku eceeeh.

ok siapa boleh teka apa tengah jadi ni? heheh

Koscielny, Chamakh and Wilshere made their debut semalam.
(who here thinks that Chamakh looks a bit like C. Ronaldo, angkat tangan!!)
I think it is due to the amount of newbies kot that they kind of fumbled on the field.

Jadi super geram bila ball possession was definitely monopolized by the Gunners, tapi tak boleh langsung nak penetrate Liverpool's defense.
OK lah, their defense was airtight, ill give them that.
Tapi, after Joe Cole got sent off (hehe) and dah down to 10 man pun, Arsenal still couldnt get the ball pass the goal line.

I loved it when they sent in Rosicky and Walcott. And when Persie came in, rasa macam ada newfound hope. As if, Wenger ada some kind of back-up plan, some secret weapon that i had no idea existed.
(hee. but then again, that was just me being melodramatic.)

orang handsome yang wouldve scored if it werent for Reina punya fingertips

Rosicky attempted a very dramatic and cantik shot, but Reina managed to stop the ball by a fraction.
At the time, i dah maki maki dah bising macammana lah Reina boleh on form gila pulak malam ni. Serious stress dengan Reina. (just take a look at my love-hate relationship with Almunia. memang bakar aa)

Tapi tapi tapi. Jeng jeng jeng. What came next got me laughing. Ta-da!

okay. ini Chamakh being violated by Reina. ngahahaha.

ok look closely
i said LOOK! ni dah slow motion habis dah ni.
aaaaaaaaaaaaanddddd... GOAL!!!!!!
Wahaahah. epic okay Reina!
serious boleh gang dengan Rob Green! LOL.

p/s : i read another review by Ms. Aisyah Ezral and loved it. Suka sangat sampai naik bulu roma satu badan baca. Hahahaha. Click HERE to read. 


ezral Sya said...

Ah malu lah awak yang lagi hebat puji kita punya. Kita punya nampak sangat 'review' perempuan shallow tengok football(ers) HIHIHI

The Blackpool claims? SERIOUSLY? Very funnay ha-ha -.-

Merissa K. said...



ok dah cukup cukup. hehehe. yours made me laugh bersungguh sungguh okay! sincere habis ni.

betul betul ada pemurtad pemurtad. dah dengar 3 kali dah since malam tadi.

p/s : orang dulu dulu, time berbuka tukar tukar dishes for buka puasa. kita tukar tukar compliments heh? LOL

Igniz said...

tasha, you're my favourite writer.

i'm gonna make sure u won't be able to graduate from whatever you're studying at the moment. i want u to become a writer instead. i wont give up! walaupun jam menunjukkan 32 saat sebelum u punya konvokesyen, i wont give up!

ngaaaaaaaahahahahahah! XD

Afiq Abd Malik said...


From the other side of the coin, I thought Arsenal players were clueless and ambitious. Yes, bunch of young things with abundant stamina to run around without a concrete revelation, as opposed to the old drained and busted players on our side.

Maybe I should be thankful that Fabregas wasn't playing :)

Jumpa di lain masa ya, Arsenal fan!

Merissa K. said...

Ijan :
I bet if we were playing MU instead malam tu, you wouldnt be so quick on complimenting me. hehehe.

but thanks anyway. :) you have no idea what it means to me getting dubbed as someone's favourite writer. cecececehhh. hehe.

bangga sokmo. XD

thanks ijan!

Merissa K. said...

Afit :
what do you mean 'abundant stamina'? did you not notice how slow they were?

Now now, you're being sarcastic arent you? Just like the rest of the Livvies fans, you're sceptical about Fabregas' function arent you?


Nanti perlawanan di Emirates, kita tonton sama sama ya, Liverpool fan? :)

Delina said...

and how is NGOG pronounced again?

I can't help going 'bongog' over and over.

(God save the Green and the Rein-a)

Tasha, i didn't know you're a Gunner babe too :b

(word verification: frumog)

Merissa K. said...

omg omg (hyperventilating)
thats how i always pronounce his name too! silent bo, and ngok at the end. hahaha.

high five!~

Likewise Nareem, likewise. but good gunners always recognizes one another (ceh bajet pulak hehe).


next match? tengok sekali? :)ada excuse nak jumpa ya and tengok korang comel comel. hehe.

p/s : hari tu i datang lepak rumah tapi u tidur awaaaaaal!!