Thursday, August 19, 2010

think before you talk. google before you tweet. (Re: Salleh G. Samsa)

Human reflex and emotions have always been fascinating to me (though sometimes it baflles me more than it should).

If you observe enough, you can always differentiate those who take the time to think and those who uses their brain merely as an accessory. Academic intelligence have nothing to do with it. You either base your actions and conversations on your thoughts, or you dont.

We are a bunch of very angry species. And egoistic too. Come on, dont tell me you havent noticed?

For me, whenever anybody tells me something that i dont particularly agree with, something stirs inside of me, urging me to express my disagreeing thoughts. Now, im sure the same thing happens to a lot of you.
(Ke tak? Ke its just me?)

The thing is, how many of us stop to think before saying or doing anything? How many of us actually tries to consider what the other person is saying or doing before arguing rebuttals in reflex?

Phoebe Buffay once said to Ross Gellar (oh hello there fellow FRIENDS addict!)

Ok, Ross, could you just open your mind like this much, ok? Wasn't there a time when the brightest minds in the world believed that the world was flat? And, up until like what, 50 years ago, you all thought the atom was the smallest thing, until you split it open, and this like, whole mess of crap came out. Now, are you telling me that you are so unbelievably arrogant that you can't admit that there's a teeny tiny possibility that you could be wrong about this?

You know what got me thinking this far?
A few days back i came across a story of an unfortunate unbeliever who goes by the name Salleh Gregor Samsa.

This dude insulted the fact that he is forced to fast just because he was born Muslim. He also said a lot deal more but i wont be wasting my blog space to go on about it because that's not the point of my story. Nak tahu, pergi Google sendiri.

Anyway, this Salleh dude has provoked a lot of unnecessary wrath from Muslims, nationwide. Out comes the

ish murtad dah budak ni.
Hey Salleh! Kau ni confirm masuk neraka tahu tak?
Mak bapak kau tak ajar ke? Apasal bodoh bengap (include more cussings) sangat kau ni?
My point is, is this how we preach to unbelievers? Seriously? Orang tu dah la dah takde faith dekat religion and fellow believers. Is this seriously the way to make him change his mind? 

Try and google his name, tonnes of people are blogging about him (benci betul bila rasa macam i am conforming to a sick Malaysian pop-cultureish issue). Anyway, you can analyze sendiri the public's opinion on this dude.

Not really knowing why, (perhaps sebab terlebih banyak masa lapang or perhaps sebab memang i was born a busybody) i looked Salleh up and read his writings. Amongst many, i found one that i find intriguing.

Sebabnya, aku percaya, setiap manusia pun punya dosa dan jika manusia lain boleh dibiarkan hidup dengan gelumang dosa mereka, kenapa aku tak boleh?

Jadi, aku tak akan peduli jika aku dikatakan sedang hidup di dalam dosa yang akan membuatkan aku terbakar di api neraka nanti. Aku tak peduli, sebab aku tahu, pada masa tu, dia yang akan malu, sebab dia pun akan sama menyertai aku di dalam neraka. Dan, lebih ironi bila kami tinggal bersebelahan dan berkongsikan api neraka yang sama.

Jadi, jika manusia yang sedang berteriak kepada aku menidakkan keupayaan aku kepada pilihan aku sendiri, aku hanya akan berkata dan berharap untuk bertemu lagi dengannya, satu hari nanti di pintu neraka. Dan, aku yang akan bentangkan permaidani emas panas yang emasnya masih menggelegak pada kepanasan melampau yang tak pernah kita di bumi sekarang, rasakan. Dan, aku akan bayarkan kos meraikan kedatangannya di sana dengan limpahan kenikmatan yang dihinanya dulu, yang selalu dijadikan sebagai satu set pengukur yang membezakan antara jahat dan baik, hitam dan putih, bersih dan berdebu.

Before i continue, let me make it clear (sebab kadang kadang ada je golongan tak faham bahasa). I am NOT justifying or in any way agreeing to the points of Mr. Salleh. Tapi, you have to admit, it would suck if the scenario described above jadi betul betul kan?

Memang lah, as a Muslim, we have an obligation to tegur if we come across benda benda atau orang orang atau perilaku perilaku yang menghala ke arah kesesatan. But then again, are we doing it right?

I myself, honestly loathe it bila ada orang yang nak menegur, tapi bunyi teguran tu dah iras-iras bunyi insult dan cemuhan. Seriously beats the purpose. Intention tu dah baik dah, tapi methodology FAIL!

All i'm saying is (and ini juga peringatan untuk diri sendiri), sometimes you have to stop and think before you say anything. Even though you are right and the person is wrong, it doesnt mean you have the right to say 'haaaa! take that bitch! you were wrong! i told you so!' Itu memang clearly statement mintak pelempang.

Guna lah otak, The purpose of akal is so that you can think. Bila boleh fikir, takde lah buat statement statement inconsiderate yang bakal mengundang pelempang. Capisce? :)


GreenLava said...

I couldn't have said it better on.

Amir Hamzah said...

true. and ive dealt with these kinds of people before. hard to sway them cuz they got their minds set. And the publics' response like u mentioned, the typical malay method of assaulting without any basis on their argument if we can even consider them as arguments, makes them turn on their defensive barriers.

thus, they will not accept anything from other peoples' input. They will then in turn, decline to insults as well, as a means to defend their failing foundations. and i get that. you make yourselves into a public idiot. you would want to stand firm on your beliefs be it right or wrong. just because you don't wanna end up looking like a bigger idiot. and to avoid the "haha! i told you so" remarks.

so in this case, when it comes to religion. a provocation of that sort. they should know what's coming their way. this is just how the world works. we can't change it. its kinda like trying to stop global warming. we can try but people will be people and it's not gonna change anything.

but at least there are some of us who sees these kinds of things. that should count for something tho. :3

Lya said...

standing ovation! woot woot! i baru dpt email pasal dis dude smlm n im like "haihh must we deal w things like this again?". kalau dorg sendri yg buat salah, pandai pulak nk kata "kubur masing2" kan? im not saying biar je mamat ni buat apa nk buat. but best leave him to it sampai ada org yg btul2 qualified to do d job, no? sedangkan nabi muhammad saw pun took years to convert the early muslims. apatah lagi kita yg akidah pun tak brp straight, tambah lg cepat benor nk melatah ni.

:) again, awesome post tasha!

IRA said...

coolnesss! i love this post! and i was about to post the same thing on my blog too because recently, ade la budak alim sedunia nak 'tegur' i, but like u said, the methodology is sooo wrong memang i rasa nak bg pelempang time tu jugak!

Merissa K. said...

GreenLava :
:) :)

Amir Handsome :
i knowwwww kan. i mean, since when has insult become the weapon against insult itself? its not even theoretically feasible.

based on experience, the best way to get me to realize what an ass im being is by showing me a good example. gain my respect lepas tu serious i will automatically lembut hati.

it think it counts too! :D we shall be posses, yea? hee.

Merissa K. said...

Lya :
oh hey hello! lama tak dengar from you. hehehe.

dah sampai chain mail dah? impressive impressive. when it comes to public bashing, orang Malaysia memang laju je no? heheh.

itu lah, thats what i thought jugak. i mean, im not siding him ke apa. but from his writings, you can tell that he's a thinker. and perhaps he just overthought things. tu i dunno la kan. haha. main assume je.

but yeah, not much good will come from assumptions and false accusations.


Merissa K. said...

Ira :
Hahahahahah. I know the feeling pun sebab i dah banyak kali kena. hehehe.

somebody should start a class 'Teguran 101'.


p/s : what was the methodology used in your case btw? heheh. cerita aa.

amywammy said...

agreed :)

I mean, yes, I do agree that apostacy is wrong in Islam, tapi kalau dia dah rasa Islam bukan untuk dia, there's nothing else that we could do, right?

We could be angry/throw stones/nasihat cara baik-baik, but it is his call in the end, right?

The only thing that we can do is to understand why this things are happening, and find a solution so there are no more Sallehs, and the only way (IMHO) to do this is to have dialogue with these peoplpe and find out how and why they come to that judgement and rationalise.

P/S: this is the first time I'm hearing about this guyu. Sat nak google!

Merissa K. said...


thats a perfect summarization right there! heheh. i have nothing much id like to add!

p/s : you should! as much as the things he says boleh result to rage, the things other people say ada yang buat i mcm nak pull my hair out okay. :(

amywammy said...

From what I read from his blog, arguments dia sangat emotional. Intelligent, but a bit bias. He sounds like the classic atheist who's just angry at God. Which brings me to the question,

If God does not exist, how can people be angry at something that does not exist?

Mamat ni masih ada harapan lagi, janganlah kita kasi dia "One Way Ticket to Hell" :D