Tuesday, August 10, 2010

books that kept me inside the room


Being stuck in the room is not so bad. Especially with these books by my bedside. 
I havent been able to write much these days. 
Takde inspiration sangat la. 

But wey hey! Maybe we should just wait for assignments to be piling up! Im sure by then i would have plenty to say. 

Until then, toodles.

p/s : Amy, yes yes i know your book is still with me. Wait til i balik KL for buka puasa yeah? :) Love you bebeh!


amywammy said...

LOL, I met Danial before I sempat jumpa you okay!!

You read my mind. Masa nampak Brida tu I was like "Hmmm, wasn't that the book?" Actually what was the books that you were supposed to pass to me? I know one is a Coelho..hehe..I bought Winner Stands Alone already. Is it any good? currently reading Snow-Orhan Pamuk.. Agak mind-orgasm

Merissa K. said...

tu lah tu lah! huhu. no lah babe, yours is the witch of portobello.

snow? ni by danial's recommendation la ni eh? hahah.

i pun bought the book sebab dia suruh.

oooooh and lemme guess, the winner stands alone tu you bought kat bookxcess kan? tee hee hee.

btw thanks for kenal kan that place kat i. i loveeeee it. XD

amywammy said...

yepppp..I got my Edward Monkton books pun kat sana. Punyalah I suruh kawan belikan kat Singapore and UK, kat Malaysia jugak ada..hahahaha

Once I know about the place, I memang dah curang kat MPH and Borders :P