Monday, August 23, 2010

to : orang orang jauh

to 7 pretty pretty girls :

when we took the pictures, 
it was only to pass time and be a lil bit in love with ourselves
but that wasnt all we captured.


here's to many many marvelous memories.


Ernie Azera said...

Awww...kita raya sama2 okays!

Saya sayang semua, though kita dah bersepah sedikit all over malaysia. :)


Maria Elena (Zarul) said...

biar jauh di mata, tapi dekat di hati.
i miss you and everyone!

'tis a small world after all.

Inana Douie said...

my place my place.
mac and cheese, lasagna, spaghetti, and shephard's pie raya!

Merissa K. said...

awwww you guyssssss! :)

GGK said...

oh nnnoooo you dah tak kerinting.....

Merissa K. said...

jangan kena tipu please. haha. ni gambar lama laaa. i dah lama tak take pics.
its still curly! :)

p/s : thanks for noticing tho. haha

Elena said...

I love all of you! <3 <3 <3

Ina epic ajak raya tapi semua western food! Haha. Anyhow I can't wait! :D

Nurul Aain said...

i'll bring cupcakes.

no rendang and lontong. hee