Tuesday, March 17, 2009

the day i didnt get enough sleep

it was 3am.

i had only had about 30minutes of sleep when the banging started.
i thought i was dreaming that my parents were having it off. (read:gross)

after it reached a point when the banging became too loud for it to be a dream, my mom came in.

"Sha, tolong pecah kan pintu kejap."

I thought she was stoned. (ok, perumpamaan tak kena)

Turned out, my dad was locked in the toilet and couldnt come out. My mom has used every tools available to saw it off, screw it off, break it open. All to no avail.

And saya kan yang suka berlagak macam superhero and perasan saya kuat gila. Turned out, i wasnt that strong after all.
My kaki felt like it was coming out of its socket from all that kicking. Half dreaming and pretending to be one of Charlie's angels, i kicked and kicked. The bloody door didnt budge open.
In the end, my sumo wrestler of a cousin had to come over and bust our door open. There goes a good night's sleep. XD


Igniz said...

kalau nak kuatkan kaki, try la skipping ari2;)

fazrul mokhtar said...

..and ur sumo cousin tu must be ashraf kan?

miss korang.

Merissa K. said...

skipping? i dont even have enough time to sleep, manade time nak skip. haha

Merissa K. said...

yeapss. ashraf. dia dah besar gila,can jadi bouncer already okay. hahaha. i dont know abt him, but i miss u too. :D