Monday, March 23, 2009

what happens in Sunburst, stays in Sunburst

During concerts, you can see people who are willing to do just about anything in order to get the things that performers throw from the stage.

They would jump, shriek, step on other people’s foot, flash a lil summin summin to get the attention of said performer, make a human ladder to maximize their height and thus catching the freebie.

Heck, I think, if they were given the chance, they would take their car, ram through the crowd and stop right before they take the whole stage down, jump on stage, remove a number of clothing from the performers and make a run for it.

Now, if it was a brand new guitar with the guitarist’s signature on it, I would understand if people would stab others to get to it. I even get the excitement over drumsticks. And sweaty clothes. But mineral bottles?
Are you freaking kidding me??

You cant do shit with the mineral bottle. Cant show it off and cant sell it on E-bay. Who’s gonna believe that the bottle's genuine? People are hardly gonna do a DNA test on a stupid RM1.20 bottle (or RM3 in the case of Sunburst) are they?

So darlings, why the hassle?

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Igniz said...

nape mesti fans yg kene berebut kutip menatang2 yg band or singer tu baling...?nape x sebaliknye? mesti best if kita dpt tgk at least once, band yg berebut2 kutip menatang2 yg fans baling..hakhak:P