Thursday, March 19, 2009

the true soul of an asshole

When the dusk, gives way to the dawn
When I’m sleepy, and have started to yawn
You came in, and jumped on the bed
Rubbed here and there, and then called me fat

When the month, comes close to an end
When I’m broke, and have not paid the rent
You walked up to me, and rummaged through my purse
Took all my money, and started to curse

When I’ve waited for hours, by the pretty lake
With dinner, presents, and your birthday cake
I waited and waited, but you never came
You stood me up, and put me to blame

When I’ve grown tired, of you and your crap
When your true colour, started to unwrap
I pack my bags, and wrote you a note
“I hope somebody will slit your throat”

p/s : poem ini adalah rekaan semata-mata. tiada kena mengena dengan yang hidup atau pun yang telah mati.
pp/s: no animals were harmed during the production of this poem.


Igniz said...

U wrote this?if u did, then u've become one of my favourite poets:)

Merissa K. said...

hahaha. ur too flattering la igniz!
but on a totally unrelated note, yes, i wrote it masa tgh bosan pg exhibition. XD

Igniz said...

not flattering la...:)
i write poems too..and i enjoy reading others' poems from time to time..and this particular poem of yours is one of the best so far...seriously:)

God, I've met so many people (especially girls) who are good in writing poems in this world of blogging..woot!:)
Keep up, girl!