Friday, March 20, 2009

RM8 for a nap?

i went to catch a movie with Dzul and Nyet despite being dead tired.

they were so excited at the thought of watching The International that i hyped myself up to match their excitement.

when i thought that they wouldnt notice, i silently closed my eyes and took a 'short' nap. i figured, even if i missed the ending, i could always just ask them.

the moment i woke up, the credits were rolling and the lights were already switched back on. and i saw the two happy monkeys sitting next to me, sleeping.

in the end, not one of us knew the ending of the story.

we walked to the car, too exhausted to drive. so we decided to take another short nap before we drove off.

we slept at 12. and woke up at 3 plus in the morning. OU's parking lot was deserted by then.

and I am sleepy at work today.


Igniz said...

terbang da 8 hengget...huhu..

s h a g o o said...

kamu tiga-tiga mmg sengalz~