Monday, March 16, 2009

go gunners!

The weekend was without doubt, a great one. I mean, hello! Arsenal kicking ass, MU getting their ass kicked and I got my share of my afro-disiac. Cant complain much there. :D

Arshavin proved himself worthy of the 15mill price on his tag. The game itself kicked off pretty early on. I mean, hello, TWO MINS?? Surely that’s better than bendtner’s 4 mins glory over WBA. Yeah, I know its an own goal and shit. But that goal was definitely not entirely due to Ooijer’s stupidity. Heheh.

Macam ni baru la aku semangat sikit nak pakai jersey sendiri pergi tgk game kat mamak. LOL.

As for the Liverpool – MU match. Im just happy that MU’s ass got wiped. The moment Torres scored despite Vidic’s best effort to stop it, and the goal obliterated Ronaldo’s smug smile, that was my ‘Hallelujah’ moment.


Aaaaaaand, the afro part was the best, though I cant say much here. Haha. Tralalalala.

Oh. And congrats to Seannie boy who just got married on Sunday. Shiiiiit, dah besar siot. Hahaha. It was an awkward moment when he asked me and Zul when our turn was gonna come. Hahaha. Kena couple blk dulu kot baru blh kahwin. XD

Anyways, it has been a long time since our Panda days. I miss the craziness back then. And im fucking disappointed tak dapat jumpa all the Pandas. But oh well. Guess I just have to wait for Rainforest je la kot?


A'a said...

weh!! go gunners!!! i didnt know you're an arsenal fan!! hi-5! hahaha arshavin is hot HAHA

Igniz said...


Merissa K. said...

you too babe?? haha. *knuckles*

sorry if ur an MU fan, sorry anda tak dilayan dlm post ini. hahahaha. *gelak evil*