Tuesday, March 3, 2009

im good at bowling!

I am terribly EXCELLENT at bowling!

Im serious. Im such a natural at it.

Last Saturday, I went for a bowling training session for an office tournament on Sunday.

Better than getting 10 strikes in a row, what I did was attempt to swing the ball as hard as I could. But instead of going forward, the ball went backwards and rolled to run over the feet of the people standing behind me.

After a few shrieks, and without any serious injury, I went on to show off my skills.

I was taught that it increases the ball’s velocity if u take a few steps while u roll the ball. In the effort to be the best, I ran, accidentally stepped on the slippery bowling alley, and slipped flat on the bum.

I was lying there on the floor, thinking that things like these only happen on Cartoon Network and Jim Carrey’s movies. I was half wishing that the hit on my head was hard enough to give me a fainting fit. I wasn’t so lucky.

I had to endure the shame of getting up with my colleagues in the next lane, laughing at my sorry ass.

So, yeah, nobody can beat that hey?


[YeOp] said...


abis tu, gmbr sapa plak tu? hehe..

Amir Hamzah said...

wooh!! i penah kena! when i was 16 me thinks haha!!

Bossster... said...

hahaa...bkn slalu kne cmtu...
org len mne brani wat cmtu...hahaha

iamamongyouandyoucannotseeme said...

wow. :D

Anonymous said...

sha! jom g main bowling..hehe