Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The bastardization of English

What I would say to Thomas, the German intern :
Why is it like that?

What I would say to Vicky, the Indian hottie :
Why la liddat?

What Vicky would say to me :
Why la dey?

What Alvin, the Chinese MU freak of an IT guy would say :
Why liddat hor?

The question remains: why do we rape the language?


Mighty Jacksparrow said...

for the fun of it. of course. hee. why la ask all this? chill la. lets go makan come. i blanja u. if not enuff then u topup la har? ha ha ha

wana said...

to add colour to the languange?haha

wana said...

eh sowi,typo,language

Anonymous said...

French people are the best for the Bastardization of English...

Little Aramis

Igniz said...


Merissa K. said...

thats why la i told you. nobody wants to talk properly. all also wan to cincai cincai talk wan. hahahaha.

colour? baby, this is already the rainbow! haha.

Little Aramis. haha!
THAT i have to agree with! you raped it baaaaad maan. hahaha. its a frog! remember? remember??? :P ohh i miss you guys and those stupid french jokes that i didnt get.

what to do kan? haha.

A'a said...

language is meant to be raped? hahaha!! language evolves i guess. haha

azik said...

weh i like this topic at most than other. hahahah.
i pun taktau kenape.

Merissa K. said...

has it not been raped all this while? i believe dah kena sodomize dah pun kot. hahaha.

ohh hey THERE you are!!!!!!
hahahahaha. sebab anda adalah antara perogol bahasa jgk kot? whats with all the typos and the speakos. hahahahaaa