Tuesday, April 28, 2009

go gunners part three.

last saturday night, i was half elated when i found out that man u got arsed by tottenham spurs 2-0 by half time. too bad they actually kejar balik 5-2. big bummer.

but soon after, i just had to jump up and down balik.

first, arshavin made the arsenal liverpool match his one man show, scoring 4 goals dengan gempaknya. that last goal, wahlau, *clap hands like a hyperactive child*

and then, fabregas pulak hogged an entire match when he led the gunners to win 2-0 over m'borough.


happy much? XD


skyrocketed said...

yeah... fabregas that nite, he was so damn best la...

Bossster... said...

waa...peminat gunners jgak...smat2

Igniz said...

mlm esok sy xleh masuk blog cik tasha...jom jadi 'musuh' jap..heeeheeeXD

sad said...

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