Monday, April 13, 2009

Ina B.

Kamu lah kakak, kamu lah mak.
Kamu lah ketua platoon, kamu lah semua.
So, to the grown up of the group, happy 22nd.
I love you very much, you know that.
Thanks for all that you've given me.
(itu adalah macam macam)
Thanks for being there regardless of the drama, the sobs, and the annoying laughter nampak gusi.
Ur the best.
One advice though,
trust me on this,
optimism goes a long way baby.
heres to years of being optimistic and getting everything u want!
love you love you love you!!
p/s: saya bukan purposely lambat letak post awak ye? gamabr saya dengan awak kat office computer. hari tu byk kerja, tak sempat nak upload post.


Inana Douie said...

heeeheee dah termalu dah.

Merissa K. said...

kaaaan. hehhehe. takpe, i love you anyways!

sad said...

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