Monday, April 13, 2009

ke hadapan roommate yang disayangi



dear roommate,
fuck ur old! hahahaha.
give it another 5 months, yaya and i will follow suit.
ive known you for 8 years and i havent seen you as happy as you are now(this is ur most un-bitchy phase of ur life, dyou realize that?) so i cant think of a better wish than for you to be happy like this forever and ever.
im sorry we couldnt have cakes and water balloons and kidnappings this year. its a tad bit hard to execute being 200km apart and all.
but anyways, im glad to see you grow up right before my very own eyes. from that comot caterpillar in the hideous PDI sweater to the butterfly of a girl in Marc Jacobs.
I love you Noin, you know that.
Dont ever be kerek dah lepas ni kay baby? heee.
Oh! and thanks jadi bank bergerak saya! :P


Igniz said...

banyaaaknye kenalan yg lahir bulan empaaaaattt...XD

Nurul Aain said...

oh, suka sgt gmb2 lama ini. hohoh.

saya rindu zaman celebrate bday ramai2. besst. ths yr, no suprise bday party. :(

saya tidak akan kerek dgn kamu lagi. i love you too. teee.

Merissa K. said...

IgnizYer. diorg memang suka buat saya miskin. hehe. cakap mcm i beli hadiah je kan. :P

Noinyess. itu yg kita mahu dengar!! hahaha. i love youu.

Nurul Aain said...

tuh la. bila nak beli my present!

sad said...

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