Thursday, April 9, 2009


i am grateful that at 22, u are still a lot smaller than me( just the way a marshmallow should be!) and i am sangat sangat happy that ive got the chance to know you and love you. heheh.
but im not happy with the fact that this is the first time in 4 years that we didnt get to celebrate bday you sama sama. bummer huhh? :(
but anyways babe, you're a strong character. im blessed to know someone like you(tho u can be super kerek at times. hehehe) and all thanks go to the Dentyne incident.
You'll always always be my kucing, my marshmallow. semua semua la.
I hope you'll have an awesome year ahead of ya and i hope you get everything on ur wishlist ( sorry i tak kaya nak beli kan semua for u! hehe).
again, i love u reeno.
yes, anda lah lanun yang comel.


Inana Douie said...

oooh adreen jela dapat blog wish. pfffft!

Igniz said...

aye aye captain!:)

Adreen Nordin said...

ala ina jgn jeles bole tak . hahahahah... tq tasha. gamba itu sgt nostalgic.

Merissa K. said...

eleh eleh.
jangan la merajuk.
dah semua april babies dah dapat dah.


happy semua?


sad said...

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