Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the excuse for writing this blog?
showing off my new haircut. hehheh.

For the first time, im attending Eupho as a spectator.
I cant tell you how liberating it feels like not to be bombarded with silly last minute requests and be in a hectic mode throughout the show, making it an extremely tough task to enjoy the show.
This year, i finally get to lay back and relax.

We came in late, the only seat available (ones yg enables us to sit with friends and thus, liberates us from feeling stupid prior to shouting and screaming by ourselves) has already been saved for someone else.

So we figured we'd stay until Star-D's performance is over and get everybody else to move to another isle. But they were all so hyped, nobody wanted to move.
(maaf yer org kat belakang. sorry kitorg buat seat mcm mak bapak punya. :P)

The performance, was sadly below the par as compared to last year's.
Not that the blame should go to the bands. The sound system was awful. You could hardly hear the guitar and the violins seemed to be on mute. I pity those who have worked real hard and played all out just to have their dream shattered by dysfunctional sound system.

Anywhoos, i was rooting for Morven that night. I shouted out names as if they are Chris Martin and Matt Bellamy. Hoho. Semangat sungguh saya!

I assume my hyperactiveness is all due to kejakunan tengok Eupho dari tempat penonton. Tu yang macam rusa masuk hutan tu! Heheh.

Plus, i figured they would probably feel more at ease knowing that there are people supporting them. ( ini statement in denial, nak sedap kan hati for screaming like a moron)

One of the emcees that night really made my stomach churned though. And i dont mean that in a good way. Watching from below, i can imagine how tensed up i would feel if i were to be paired off with him. Serious tak blh blah.

Annoying, blh tolerate lagi la. But if ur rude, u tend to offend other people. And that was what he was, rude. Yeah man, way to go for making people feel like an ass in front of two thousand people.

We can all be biased at one time or another, but at least be subtle about it laah!
I love Morven's introduction, they put on some nasyid gig. And i like Band Jamen's rendition of 'Cant Help Falling In Love'.

What i dont think is fair is the committee decided to have an instrumental battle at the end of the night. And that get the judge to vote for the best. Baik tak payah suruh crowd vote kalau mcm tu. Bengong.

Its not fair because you could see Morven was still struggling to set up (and the clock was already ticking. gila ke tak kasi org time nak setup??) and you cant hear the guitar at all. But at least, when they played you can hear all the different instruments.

Crash n Burn on the other hand, you can only hear the drum and violin. And yes, the violinist was really good but its not fair to judge the entire band based on one instrument. Isnt it enough that she won the best accompanist?

Okay, now I'M being biased.



wana said...

rusa mmg dok dlm utan pn laling oi~so dorg xjakon.it's rusa msk kampong.tu br ckp jakon tuh.haha

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

eh f*ck kan crash n burn menang?

Inana Douie said...

tak tahu nak comment on eupho cuz i wasn't there.

cute dress :)

Merissa K. said...

WanaOh itu adalah technical error. Harap maaf. hahahah. i pun nak jadi karam singh walia! XP

PaanSedikit fuck jugak laa. :P
Nasib baik la aku masuk Eupho tak payah bayar. Kalau tak buat rugi duit jee.

Ina B.I'll tell u all about it bila kita jumpa nanti. heheh. and oh, terima kasih. baju tu zul yg beli kan. :)

sad said...

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