Thursday, April 30, 2009

gunners part four

it seems that all i do nowadays is talk about the gunners. its not that i dont have anything more exciting to dish out, its just that not all of them are suitable for public viewing. hahaha.

anyways, i still havent had a wink of sleep for the past 27 hours.

i probably wouldnt be as pissy and grumpy as i am now if i didnt feel cheated having to watch a bunch of schoolkids playing football in Physical Education class (kelas Pendidikan Jasmani) when i was expecting a fast, adrenaline pumping game between two big rivals.

i think we couldve won if only arshavin and van persie were in the game last night. its like, HEL-LO!!! cant you pick a better time to get injured??? pergi la injured time lawan dengan the underdogs! tak payah la time nak face off dgn MU kat Old Trafford jugak kau nak sakit sana sini!



Oh. and i dont think Wenger shouldve replaced Walcott with Bendtner jugak. I mean, come onnnnnn!!! did u see that header that he made? The ball couldve easily went into the bloody goal if it wasnt for his big head! Bleuggghhhh!

Though id have to say, I love Almunia. His saves were awesome. I still cant decide who i love more, Buffon or Almunia. Heheh.

Anyways, the game ended with me biting 7 of my fingers and messing up my hair making it look as if i had just been gang banged. (please jgn ada mental image. saya cuma berkata kata dalam tona sarkastik/hiperbola)

and now. im sleepy. and groggy.

just u wait devils. we'll get u back next tuesday! *eager grin*


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ijan nasib je tu=P

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