Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scandal Saya yang Paling Scandalous.

i blissfully walked into my neighbour's house,
with the intention of borrowing something.
i dont even remember what it was that i needed.
(a cup of sugar, maybe? talk about old school ey? *grins*)

it was a huge mansion.
i used to come over here as a kid, playing with Naqi's hundreds of remote controlled cars.
(you know, those cars that uses petrol instead of batteries and whose price could probably pay for the down payment for a starter car).

his room was a kid's Disneyland back then.
it had everything, everything that a 7 year old girl could wish for.
(ok so perhaps i was a bit boyish back then. he didnt have any dolls.)

so, anyway, back to the present,
I walked into his house, only to find that he was out.
His brother was home tho.
Fresh (jet lagged, more like it) out of a flight from somewhere abroad.

I had never met him before.
21 years in the neighbourhood, and i have never seen him.
Not once.
He studied abroad pretty much his whole life
(minus about 4 years of his childhood, during which i was not even born yet).

He was astonishingly jaw-dropping good looking.
And he flirted.
Which is always a good thing.

He kept me company for that few hours, waiting for Naqi to come back from wherever he was.
And a delightful company, he was.

My bubble burst when his GIRLFRIEND popped by later,
all protective and claws all over him.
Ah well, what do you expect?
He was an Adonis.
Id probably do the same if i was her.
(oh but on second thoughts, i wont. I prefer to play the Cool Girlfriend Card. LOL)

It was turning to be quiet a telenovela scene.
And i decided to go home and come back another day before the Girlfriend pours a bucket of ice on my head.
(it certainly seemed like the idea crossed her mind).

Over the few short weeks,
i saw more and more of Naqi's brother.
(who, by then, has pretty much worn me over).

And it took my entire self-control not do the Chandler dance,
when he told me that he broke up with her.
(i believe the breakup had a lot to do with me)

There we were, sitting on the couch.
Me on his left, him in the middle, and Naqi at the other end.
Pretending to watch the stupid movie which Naqi wanted to see.
And i noticed that his hands crept closer to mine,
and soon, my tiny palm was wrapped in his not so tiny one.

Swooning, i was.

And then, i realized two things:

One : 21 years knowing Naqi's family, and its a well known fact that Naqi was an only child. He DOES NOT have any siblings.

Babi. Aku mimpi. Bloody vivid dream, at that.

Two : Dalam mimpi pun aku jadi boyfriend-stealer? Tahniah la Sha.

It was then that i woke up. Sungguh tak best. :(


s h a g o o said...

okay bye!

Fatul Akrul Ramli said...

okay bye jugak..

farhazoeLa said...

bleh plak mcm tuh.
do u know that actually everyday we dream at night. its only if we can memorize it or not~

Fatin Shaza said...

somewhere in the middle i had this suspicion that you were dreaming... because the way you told the story was a bit disjointed and awkward.

but hey! i had a vivid dream last night too. me and family was stuck at the bottom of a gouge and the only way out was through a lift. the bottom represented 'hell', and if you managed to get out to the lobby, that's 'purgatory'. erkkk.

Merissa K. said...

okay bye tiga kali. imagine my disappointment bila bgn tidur.

bila tak ingat tu, it becomes dejavu, no? :)

ohh hahah. i mmg wanted to bgtau tht it was a dream frm the beginning. tp kalau bgtau awal2 nanti kena baling dengan sampah. :(

azik said...

ahahaha. bodoh la u sha. hahahahha. adoi tak boleh stop gelak. hahahah

Igniz said...

every night we will have 7 dreams. now i really wonder what the other six dreams of yours would be. :P

btw, i still believe that it's still not too late for u to quit your studies and become a writer instead. hehe:P

okeh, bye.

Merissa K. said...

Azik :
you know my weakness utk lelaki kacak no? :P
now, scram, dont laugh at me, tak baik. hahahaha.

Igniz :
ni theory mana u pakai ni? hee. ive never heard abt the 7 dreams. but i slept for abt 14 hours tht night. im pretty sure theres enough room for 18dreams, even. hehehe.
the day i venture that, ull be the first to knw okeh? :D

dehaq said...

what an anti-climax. hahaha.

Merissa K. said...

tahu takpe.
imagine how upset i got. i tried sleeping blk to sambung the dream, tapi the bubble has been burst. bummer much? :(