Thursday, October 1, 2009

of reptiles, football and all that is pretty

Friends, this is an overused picture of Damien.
My first baby.
I lost him when he failed to fully digest a hamster that i fed him because UTP was fogging for Aedes 3 times a week.
(Bodoh. nak bunuh nyamuk Aedes, python aku yang mati!)

Ok. ok.
feeding him hamster, was my fault.
fogging terlebih lebih. UTP's fault.

(yes kawan kawan, ini la cara nak be in denial and blame others for ur own mistake. please take note. heheh)

Now, this is Rocky.
I babysat him for Syafiq a while back.
He wasnt as tame as Damien though, tapi blh la kan, janji ada.

The big news!!!
Syafiq has already gotten me a new ball python as a bday present!!

Im thinking of naming him Casper.
Bajet la, so he'd be like, hantu Damien yang rise from the ashes.
*spooky song*

ok berangan.

On another note altogether, Arsenal has been winning the last few games.
Which is a relief after tersungkur to both Manchesters.
Though, they won over Fulham and Olympiacos,
(so takde la bangga gila).

Well, keep it up boys,
make mommy proud.

Aaaaaaand, the biggest news EVER!
My baby is getting married!!
Ive always said that id marry her if i were a guy.
Tapi sayang nya im not, and thus, she's getting married to a real guy in two weeks time.

Though it makes me sad that i wont be able to attend her akad nikah,
(dammit aaa. siapa nak sponsor flight ticket pergi US?)
im getting all giddy planning on my bridesmaid dress.

ok. saya kena belajar rajin rajin.
so that saya dapat kerja gaji banyak, bonus 16 bulan.
so that saya blh pergi US tgk wedding cinta hati saya.
Sekian terima kasih.


cHeRyNa PiReS said...

at least your team won. mine didn't...huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaagghhh...(macam dinosaur nangins!)

honey said...
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Fatul Akrul Ramli said...


Igniz said...

org tua2 zimbabwe ckp, kalau nak kasi ular yg kita bela tu jinak, kita namakan ular tu sempena nama any of TESL students. :P

next time, cube try kasi nama ular u 'Igniz'. konpem jinak gile! :P

Merissa K. said...

alaaa theyll come back from that! :) dont they always do?

Honey buns:
oohhh yeayyy! hehe. am gonna check it out right awaY~! and i miss you too babydoll.

you takut ehhh? hee. (scheme jahat dalam kepala)

u tak habis habis dengan org tua zimbabwe you! hahahaha.

Obefiend Weiland said...

you know what.. i hate snakes.

creeps me living shit outta me.

Merissa K. said...

effs. you should give them a chance. if not for other reasons pun, at least for providing free massage sessions. i kid you not. put them on ur back and theyll work their charm. betul, tak tipu.

kingkong said...

camne nk bela ular...aku teringin gak....kene amek lesen ke...nnti da besa gle nk watpe ngn ular tuuu

Merissa K. said...

if you buy it from the store, nanti diorg will provide the license for free.. bagi ic num je, the snake will then be registered under ur name. :)

but im pretty sure ada je orang yg tak de license.. heheh.

some, they bela sampai besar gila. letak dalam aquarium yang size mcm dekat aquaria tu. but for me, kalau dah besar sgt ill probably sell it off (kalau ada orang nak), takpun bagi kat zoo. :D

Supia Chao said...

you got a snake? this is so damn cute!

Merissa K. said...

indeed i do! i did, anyways. it died. it wasnt so cute then. hahaha.

but oh well, im getting a replacement so yeay! :D

Merissa K. said...

indeed i do! i did, anyways. it died. it wasnt so cute then. hahaha.

but oh well, im getting a replacement so yeay! :D