Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raya Rendezvous

raya was awesome.
for me, its that magical time of the year, where my entire keluarga kembangan will gather and show their true loud, crazy nature
(which in turn, explains a lot why im loud and retarded)

My family can be quite a nutty bunch.
This one night, my uncle (laden in his kain pelikat cap Gajah Duduk) was trying to coax my cousin to make him some coffee. The moment he suggested it, all the other men in the house started ordering drinks as if we were all smack in the middle of a mamak stall.
My cousin played dead and pretended to be asleep (which didnt work as she was chattering like there's no tomorrow just two seconds before).

Determined to have his coffee brewed especially by my cousin, my uncle attempted to drag her all the way to the kitchen. She was kurus and ringan, so my uncle pulled one of her hands while she played dead. It was like watching a rapist trying to dispose a fat girl's body into the nearest semak.

He got as far as about 5 steps when my cousin 'woke up' and tugged on his kain pelikat, exposing some really uncalled-for view. After a few rounds of hyena shrieks, the uncle then fixed his kain and continued dragging my cousin. The same dragging-kain pelikat tugging scene went on for about three rounds.

That's three times the obscenity if you cant count. Pahh.
(sorry no pics. takut ada underage kids di sini)

i will post other raya pics instead. :)

My sister(aka my personal maid) and I yg tgh bajet jadi stewardess. Mind you, she's only 13 and she revels in the fact that she's the hottest in the family. Dah 18 nanti tak tahu lah mcm mana. Hee.

That's the entire family.
This is my uncle. Castello wannabe. 'Nuff said.

Castello main masak masak.

Session main mercun and bunga api.

my Ayahyop is a photographer.. But we totally didnt expect him to carry his SLR to the graveyard to visit my late Grandpa. inappropriate ke tak ikhlas? LOL.

Ini Alya, Ayahyop's daughter. Anak Bunian. LOLS.

ok. itu saja. bye bye for now.


Igniz said...

excuse me, miss stewardess, can u please switch on the air-cond? i'm melting here coz you're hot! haha :P

p/s: based on his expression n bearing, i think ur uncle 'Castello' must be a really cool guy. :)

Merissa K. said...

awww stop it. ur just too much. *giggles*


p/s: agak laaaa. dia mcm gangster/tukang masak. hoho.

cHeRyNa PiReS said...

that black outfit is gorgeous!!! argghhh...sangat menarik! u look hot! (is shouldn't be saying this.i'm a woman...hehehe...) but it's true and i dun care!